Could I Have Chlamydia?

If you are asking yourself ‘could I have chlamydia?’ this is very likely due to the fact that a lot of people do not know or understand the facts about sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia is one of the most commonly reported STDs, however the majority of people do not know they have contracted it. Chlamydia can be contracted through anal, vaginal, oral or sex. For advice on Home STI kits Bexley, go to Bexley Sexual Health, a provider of Home STI kits Bexley

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Chlamydia symptoms would include a urethra infection, painful urination, and a discolored and pus-filled urine. Chlamydia is a STD that usually does not cause any symptoms. In most cases, it would only show up after some time. However, in some rare cases, it can show up right away, with painful urination, and a burning sensation around the urethra. This is when doctors would suspect the possibility of a UTI.

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If you think you might have the disease, then there are many STD clinics that offer free tests. You would need to get tested in a doctor’s office or choose a home test and then see a GP if you test positive. A home test is often preferred as it offers that initial privacy. Chlamydia tests are inexpensive, and if you do test positive, then your doctor would give you treatment options to help you deal with the disease which usually consists of a quick course of antibiotics.

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