Planning the Perfect Kid’s Party

Planning the perfect kid’s party isn’t just a matter of getting creative, it’s a process that takes time and patience. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead, avoid stress and make the most of your child’s special day.

Start with a theme. This sets the tone for all other decisions and can give your party a creative focus that kids will love. You can use a book, magazine or even their favourite movie as inspiration. Once you’ve settled on a theme, it will help to create a list of things you need, such as food, games and decorations. This will ensure you don’t miss anything.

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Make a guest list. Ideally your child should be involved in this step, so they can help decide who to invite and what kind of party they want. A good rule of thumb is to include the birthday child’s best friends and close family members, plus some of their classmates if appropriate.

Choose a date that fits in with most attendees’ schedules. Weekends fill up fast, and kids can get very excited about a party, so a few weeks in advance should be plenty of lead time. Send a digital save the date to allow for early RSVPs, followed by paper invitations that are creative and coordinated with your theme.

Purchase any party supplies needed a few days in advance. This gives you time to compare prices and shop around, as well as allowing for any last-minute items. It’s also helpful to have a master list of all the items you need to prepare for the party, so that on the day of, you can just focus on setting up and greeting guests.

Tap into your network to see if any acquaintances can lend you props, equipment or entertainment. For example, a neighbour might have a bouncy castle or perhaps an aunt has a hidden juggling talent or knows some music-making apps that can be used to entertain the kids. Alternatively, find a great park with a variety of play equipment to suit a range of needs and abilities. For information on Playgrounds Gloucester, go to

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Make a plan for how the party will go, with both high-energy and calmer activities. Keep in mind that young kids will generally lose interest after a couple of hours and need a chance to rest. If you’re expecting more than 20 guests, consider recruiting extra adults if you can, or having older siblings available to assist.

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