Working as a newly qualified nurse in a National Health Service Hospital.

Having taken all your written exams and trained practically on several different wards of a hospital you are finally a newly qualified nurse.  To start your full-time career, you will work in a multidisciplinary team and provide direct practical patient care.  You will often be required to work a twelve-hour shift, from 7am – 7pm or 7pm – 7am and you will earn approx. £20,000.  Becoming a nurse is not an easy choice and one that takes dedication, genuine empathy, passion, and patience.  This career path does offer you the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives, and a choice of four very different roles, a Mental Health Nurse, a Learning Disability Nurse, an Adult Nurse or a children’s Nurse.

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Apart from helping people on a daily basis, administering medication, and calmly reassuring anxious patients you will be required to clean up any urine, blood, vomit and chemical spillages.  You will be thoroughly trained in the use of Chemical Spill Kits because these Chemical Spill Kits from Hyde Park Environmental are specifically designed to contain, clear and clean up any potentially hazardous spills.

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These professional kits provide everything you will need to clean up any such spills, including, disposable gloves, bags, absorbent socks, pads, googles, caution tape and full instructions on their safe use. Nursing is a rewarding and varied role and if you have a genuine longing and heart to help and care for people then you will thrive and enjoy a long and amazing career.

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