How to combat menstrual pain

How to combat menstrual pain with six yoga postures

A complementary way we have to combat menstrual pain is through the practice of yoga since it has various exercises that reduce discomfort and increase our well-being. In this article, we will discuss how to combat menstrual pain with six yoga postures.

If there is something that characterizes yoga, it is its great contribution to the general welfare of those who practice it. In women, this discipline can also contribute to overcoming the discomforts of the period. Are you interested in knowing how? Below, we explain six yoga postures to combat menstrual pain.

During the days of the menstrual period, many women feel discomfort and pain that makes them have bad times. This is not only limited to a physical condition but may also include nausea, leg cramps, heavy bleeding, headaches, moodiness, fatigue and lack of concentration, among other symptoms.

Although it is possible that they are advised to take certain medications to alleviate these problems, it is better to look for definitive solutions. Some of them can be obtained from the practice of yoga. Through the execution of various postures that allow preventing menstrual pains.

Six  yoga postures to combat menstrual pain are given here

It is important to note that, just as there are yoga postures for menstrual pain, there are also other postures that should be avoided during the period. Examples of these are inversions, free-standing postures, and backward-free postures, among others.

However, there are several that are extremely favorable to alleviate these conditions. We describe them below.

  1. Balasana or child’s posture
  2. The arch with support
  3. Janu Sirsasana (head on the knee)
  4. A posture of the pigeon
  5. Supra virasana or recumbent warrior
  6. The clamp with support

How to combat menstrual pain-1: Balasana or child’s posture

To perform this position, you must place your knees on the floor, the width that feels best. Then, lean forward and extend your arms towards your head. You must touch the floor with your forehead; once there, take 5 to 10 slow and deep breaths.

Basic yoga postures for beginners in this position is extremely positive to relieve back pain, besides being very relaxing.

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 Balasana or child's posture


How to combat menstrual pain-2: The arch with support

This position starts lying face down. Under your knees, place one or two cushions to raise them a little. First, bend your knees and try to bring your heels as close to your glutes as possible; also bring your hands back and hold your ankles.

Keep your eyes straight ahead and keep the position for 10 seconds. As always, remember to inhale and exhale deeply to get the most out of the exercise.The arch with support

How to combat menstrual pain-3: Janu Sirsasana (head on the knee)

As in the previous one, you can use supports like cushions or blankets for this position. To do it, you have to sit on the floor with one leg flexed and with the heel on the buttocks and another one stretched forward.

Then, bend the torso forward with arms outstretched; you should try to touch the tip of your foot with your hands while trying to lower your back as much as possible. As if you were trying to bring your head to your knee.Janu Sirsasana (head on the knee)

How to combat menstrual pain-4: Posture of the pigeon

First, you must sit on your haunches to begin the execution of this position. Later, cross one leg forward and stretch the other backward; the one that is ahead should be flexed so that your knee comes into contact with your chest.

Finally, stretch your arms forward as in the Balasana and bring your back down. It is important when making this movement, to keep your back straight at all times. It may seem difficult at first, but over time you will gain flexibility. You must repeat the exercise with both legs.Posture of the pigeon

How to combat menstrual pain-5: Supra virasana or recumbent warrior

Another of the yoga postures for the menstrual pain that is practiced with support. You should get on your knees and with your buttocks on the floor. The support, which can be a high cushion or bolster or a folded blanket, should be behind you.

Slowly bring your body back, so that your calves and buttocks are your support on the ground. The back, in both, should be straight on the support, while the hands remain open at the sides to promote balance; they can also do support.

The best thing about this position is that it provides flexibility and resistance in the abdomen, thighs, and psoas. Supra virasana or recumbent warrior

How to combat menstrual pain-6: The clamp with support

The last position we will describe is very simple. You must sit on the floor with your feet forward. In your lap, place two cushions as support.

Once so, bring your back forward until you can rest your head on the cushions; It stays there for 8 deep breaths. Then, turn around and lean on the other side of your face.

Before you start practicing any of these yoga postures for menstrual pain, you have to consider two important factors. The first is to listen to the body; this means that whenever you feel any discomfort or pain, you refrain from the exercise for a while or directly to the next one.The clamp with support

We hope you will like these yoga postures to combat menstrual pain. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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