5 tips to prevent diseases in women administrator

5 tips to prevent diseases in women administrator

Whether mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, granddaughters, nieces or sisters, women, in general, attend to the needs of their family before their own. In some respects, men and women share the same health problems. For example, cardiovascular diseases. However, there are other types of diseases that are more common in women, such as obesity, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, and depression. It is important for each woman to be aware of the general controls and assessments that must be carried out throughout her life. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips to prevent diseases in women administrator.

Routine checkups:

The first step is to make an appointment with your family doctor, who will determine the frequency of the checkups that you must do in the future, as well as keeping track of your weight, height and blood pressure.

Gynecological controls:

It is recommended that women between the ages of 40 and 75 should have a mammogram annually, especially if they have a history of breast cancer in close relatives (mother, sisters, daughters). From the age of 25, and especially between the ages of 35 and 64, it is recommended that women perform an annual Pap smear and colposcopy to prevent cervical cancer.


Women over 65 and also want to suffer from chronic respiratory, cardiac or renal diseases, diabetes or morbid obesity should receive the flu and pneumococcal vaccines.


Planning it and consulting the doctor in advance is the best way to prevent illness in both the mother and the baby. During gestation, mothers should be immunized against influenza, when it is the influenza season, and update anti-tetanus if appropriate.

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Prevention of non-gynecological cancers

Periodic tests for cancer of the colon and rectum are indicated at age 50 to 75 years. Like men, many women suffer from lung cancer; this disease represents the second leading cause of cancer death in this population in developed countries. The best prevention measure is not to smoke. To prevent skin cancer, it is recommended to periodically self-test moles and spots throughout the body to detect changes in color, shape, and size. In the event of any abnormality, the dermatologist should be consulted promptly to detect a possibly malignant lesion and treat it.

7 Osteoporosis control

  1. Hormonal changes, especially during the menopause, make women more susceptible to weakening and breaking bones more easily. A bone density test allows the degree of strength or fragility of these tissues to be determined. The test is recommended for all women at least once from 65 years of age.
  2. Annual visits to the dentist and regular eye and hearing checkups are other things women should be aware of. In addition to routine medical checks, it is important to adopt healthy habits.
  3. Exercise; if you’re not used to it, you can start slowly and move on until you achieve 30 minutes or more at least five times a week. Walking faster than normal, dancing, swimming and cycling can be an excellent choice.
  4. Eat healthily; choose fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk and low-fat or low-fat dairy products, lean beef and poultry, fish, legumes, eggs, and nuts. Try to consume foods with low saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol and salt, and do not add sugar to your meals. Remember that moisturizing well is vital to keep your body functioning properly.
  5. Take care of your weight; maintain a balance between the calories you eat with food and beverages, and those you spend on your activities. Consult your doctor if you start to gain or lose weight.
  6. Reduce your alcohol consumption. If you decide to drink alcohol, drink it in moderation.
  7. Get vaccinated; apply your vaccines in the time that corresponds to you.

This moment is the ideal for you to know your state of Health, to inform you more and to take better care of you. Go to your doctor.




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