4 Online Mental Wellness Quizzes That Show How Stressed You Are

Stress is an important indicator of your mental health. Many online mental wellness quizzes claim to measure your stress level; however, not all of them are trustworthy.

Take these mental health tests developed by experts and credible organizations to find out how stressed you are. While online self-tests should not be used to replace a medical diagnosis, they can help you prioritize your overall health even when you’re addicted to the games at Aussie online casino.

Perceived Stress Scale-10 on Be Mindful Online

Do you have trouble dealing with stressful situations? This 10-item online survey evaluates your current level of perceived stress. Perceived stress refers to your feelings and thoughts about how stressed you are about your current situation.

Each question in the quiz asks about your recent thoughts and feelings. Your answers are limited to never, seldom, occasionally, fairly often, and very frequently. Don’t overthink your answer. Instead, give your best estimate.

Dr Sheldon Cohen, a Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University since 1982, developed the classic test used by Be Mindful Online. The self-report is a widely used tool that has been evaluated for reliability and validity in a variety of populations.

There are three versions of the test: PSS-14, PSS-10, and PSS-4, each with 14, 10, and 4 items. A review of the Perceived Stress Scale published in Asian Nursing Research, on the other hand, discovered the PSS-10 to be a more effective tool for measuring perceived stress.

Stress Test for Men by HeadsUpGuys

Some men find it difficult to express their emotions. Fortunately, you can easily find the best websites to discuss mental health. HeadsUpGuys busts common myths about depression and provides a safe space for those experiencing stress.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take their free stress test to identify your most difficult life events. The results will show a list of your stressors, with the most unmanageable at the top, allowing you to prioritize which needs the most attention, just like most games that can be found at a new casino which are also stress reliever when played moderately.

Stress can lead to depression and suicide, which is a leading cause of death among men under the age of 50, according to statistics. If you are extremely stressed, consider downloading some mental health apps to help you avoid suicide and self-harm, as well as seeking help from a therapist.

Stress Screener by Mental Health America

Mental Health America offers mental health screening tests for a variety of mental illnesses. To determine your stress levels, you can take a 16-item stress test in under 10 minutes. The questions reveal information about your habits, feelings, and physical condition, which may indicate stress.

Following completion of the test, the website will recommend additional screening tests to determine whether you have other mental health conditions such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. It will also direct you to additional resources to help you improve your lifestyle.

MHA is one of the oldest nonprofits advocating for mental health. Clifford W. Beers established it in 1909 after witnessing abuse in both private and public institutions. Look through the website to find free, confidential, and scientifically validated mental health tests.

Individual Stress Test by The Stress Management Society

With questions about your lifestyle, this short multiple-choice test assesses your stress levels. You will receive your stress score and a personalized report with health tips via email at the end of the test.

Neil Shah, a best-selling author, and entrepreneur, founded the Stress Management Society as a non-profit. Neil, according to their website, suffered from stress and depression after his IT Recruitment business began to fail. He began his healing journey with readily available resources, which led to the formation of the organization.

The Stress Management Society has been advising companies such as Shell and British Airways since 2003. It is now one of the UK’s leading stress management authorities, having appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live and Talk Radio Europe.

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