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Methods for weight loss in a healthy way: Here are 10 things not to do to lose weight

Faced with the need to drop excess pounds, sometimes we resort to fast weight loss methods that are mistakenly considered safe and functional. Here are the most common ones and why they are not indicated for healthy weight loss.

The trousers that struggle to close and the shirts that cling a little too much, thanks to the numerous tables in the company, the aperitifs and the high-calorie; the discomfort due to the balance that refers us to the numbers that we just don’t like; the need to (return to) feel good about yourself, to see and feel better, more energetic and healthy, lighter and less weighted.

When there is a need to lose weight and lose excess pounds, few or many, you must be aware that you need to change your lifestyle, changing your eating habits and abandoning the comfort of the sofa, and what we need wait can be a long way, not without a hitch, but necessary if you want to obtain lasting results and gain health, as well as physical appearance.

Yet, due to laziness and impatience, one easily falls into the trap of wanting to get everything immediately, putting into practice improbable and incorrect strategies that do not really help us achieve the set goals. So let’s see below what are 10 things not to do to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

10 things not to do to lose weight in a healthy way

1) Skip meals

It is among the most common errors found among those who want to lose extra pounds quickly: if I skip meals, I will surely have a daily calorie deficit, so I can lose weight and even faster. Mistake!

In fact, skipping one of the three main meals systematically is not a good strategy for weight loss; on the contrary, it causes a physiological sugar deficiency that pushes the brain to desire more food for compensation, which is why we reach the next meal much hungrier than usual.

Not only that: during a fasting period, the fluids are lost first, then the muscle tissue (otherwise the body from where does it take the necessary energy?) And only lastly the fat, which will then be taken up again after having started feeding us with regularity, routing us towards the dangerous yo-yo effect.

2) Force fasting

For the same reasons explained in point 1, a fasting forced and not followed by a food professional, as well as a drastic cut of calories, does result in weight loss, but which essentially affects muscle tissue. The organism, in fact, receives a distorted message, so it tends to store fat as a spare, as a response to a moment of “famine”. Also where do we put the stress due to lack of food?

3) Eliminate carbohydrates completely

The total elimination of carbohydrates is a “fashion” and a very fast, but very wrong, means of deflating itself, which in the long run involves loss of energy, muscle tissue and a slowdown in metabolism.

Proper nutrition, on the other hand, must always include a certain percentage of carbohydrates at every single meal, represented by whole grains and complex sugars (without forgetting that vegetables and fruit are also a source of carbohydrates), well balanced and above all well combined with sources of fiber, proteins and fats.

4) Abolish all fats

Too many times demonized like carbohydrate cousins, fats should not be abolished a priori but chosen wisely. Recall that their administration is essential for the production of cell membranes, hormones, certain vitamins, as well as for the proper functioning of the immune and cardiovascular system. Fats yes, therefore, but preferring good ones, such as derivatives from extra virgin olive oil, fish and dried fruit.

5) Eat only “light” foods

Supermarket shelves are now full of products bearing the word “light” on the packaging. This can mislead us for two reasons: the first is that, considering it lighter, we could eat a given food in excessive quantities , even exceeding with calories; the second is that it is not said that a food defined as “light” is actually more dietetic than its “non light” equivalent. Let’s learn to read the food labels of both and compare the reported nutrient values.

6) Do not pay attention to drinks too

We also pay attention to the extra gram of pasta on the scale, but we leave out the glasses of industrial fruit juices, the many sugary coffees or the spirits we allow ourselves during a day: not only food, but also drinks bring empty sugars and calories and unnecessary that slow down or do not facilitate the weight loss process.

7) Diet based only on liquids

It promises and allows you to deflate quickly and to purify yourself after a period of excess food, of course, but a totally liquid regimen, based on smoothies, juices, vegetable and fruit juices, can only make sense if carried out under the supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist and for very short times . Do-it-yourself can also cause important consequences, since it is a diet without fundamental nutrients: hypotension, anemia, loss of energy and muscle mass, metabolic acidosis. Furthermore, the weight loss lost is difficult to maintain over time.

8) Sleeping little

The prolonged lack of sleep increases blood levels of cortisol, the stress hormone responsible that promotes the body’s inflammation and the ‘ accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area. Lack of sleep also affects two other hormones, leptin and ghrelin: the former, responsible for reducing appetite, is produced less in favor of the latter, which, on the contrary, stimulates it.

9) Exhaust with physical activity

Starting all of a sudden an exhausting physical activity after months of idleness and sedentary lifestyle is not the right strategy for weight loss. Switching from sofa to excessive exercise is a traumatic approach for the body: the body is not used to all this and the initial enthusiasm and enthusiasm will go back in favor of frustration and demotivation. The best thing is to start moving, but do it gradually and steadily.

10) Perennial sedentary lifestyle

Having a balanced diet is the focal point for weight loss, but not sufficient to obtain and maintain the desired results, if not also supported by constant physical activity : one without the other they do not make much sense, since it is their synergy to give us the best fruits. We abandon the laziness and the comfort of armchairs and sofas and we start to move more, starting from small ideas: leave the car in the garage and take a nice walk at a brisk pace, prefer the stairs to the elevator, take out the bicycle and set up a daily course, sign up for the gym or a dance class. The imperative is one: get moving!

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