How to lose weight before Christmas

How to lose weight before Christmas

Christmas is approaching and the same shadow always hangs over us: the Christmas binge, the annual dinners (company, university, and family), and the desire to nap under the blanket. Yes, Christmas is a machine to manufacture kilos, but maybe this year you can stop it with our ideas to get in shape before these dates. In this article, we will discuss how to lose weight before Christmas with 12 simple tips.

12 Tips to lose weight before Christmas

  1. Learn to eat
  2. Motivate yourself with sport
  3. Sport yes, but not any
  4. Diuretic foods for volume
  5. Cooking healthier
  6. Light dinners
  7. Beware of the most caloric foods
  8. Less carbohydrate
  9. Think about where you want to lose weight
  10. Less quantity
  11. Fruits between hours
  12. Learn to compensate

How to lose weight before Christmas- 1: Learn to eat

First of all, you must acquire healthy eating habits. Learning to eat (not necessarily less, simply better), will be key to losing weight before Christmas.

How to lose weight before Christmas- 2: Motivate yourself with sport

We cannot talk about losing weight and getting fit without talking about the importance of sport. And it is that the sport cannot be that umbrella of which we only remember when it rains: it has to be something habitual and present in your life.

Keep an active attitude with yourself (use more stairs and less the elevator or walk more and take less bus) and play sports three times a week, will help you lose weight and feel more active. At this time of the year, there are many races to motivate you with running, or try a gym and join the collective classes.

Motivate yourself with sport

How to lose weight before Christmas- 3: Sport yes, but not any

The sport will always be welcome if you want to get fit, but to lose weight we recommend very aerobic options, where you move constantly. This is the case of sports such as running, swimming or riding a bike (spinning is also valid), but also dancing (Zumba, aerobics, whatever you want), jumping rope or aquagym. You know, if you want to lose weight before Christmas, choose one of these options.

How to lose weight before Christmas- 4: Diuretic foods for volume

If you feel bloated and want to lose volume, diuretic foods can help. They are very useful to avoid liquid retention and it is very easy to include them in your diet. First, the blessed water: drink two liters or about eight glasses a day. It will make you urinate much more and with it, you will eliminate toxins that your body does not need.

On the other hand, try these diuretic foods. One tip is that you do two or three days a week emphasize these foods. For example, eat two days a week pineapple or pears between meals and accompany your lunch and dinner (chicken, turkey or fish baked or grilled) with a little more of this food. Alternate the fruits to not get tired and you will see how you feel.Diuretic foods for volume

How to lose weight before Christmas- 5: Cooking healthier

In the time you have left between now and Christmas, cook in the healthiest way possible. Avoid batters and breaded, and also foods cooked in the fryer or with high doses of oil. Instead, try grilled foods and especially the oven, where they are cooked with their own juice or with vegetables.

The industrial bakery, the fried, and the sauces (especially mayonnaise and derivatives) should also be restricted if you want to lose weight, replacing them with herbs and spices. Finally, you should know that raw foods retain all their properties, so we encourage you to try Carpaccio or homemade tartar.

How to lose weight before Christmas- 6: Light dinners

A point where many people fail to take care of themselves is at dinner. After a hard day where we tried to take care of ourselves, we just want to eat something delicious and give ourselves a little whim. And here is the error, because neglecting our food at that time of day is the worst possible option since we will hardly have time to burn it and it will make us fatter than if we ate it at another time. Therefore we recommend that you do not let yourself be carried away by anxiety and have willpower.

Have a salad, some cereals, and a French omelette with a bit of fruit, some fish or chicken with zucchini or grilled mushrooms. Yes, they may not be the greatest delicacies in the universe, but they will come greatly to achieve your goal.Light dinners

How to lose weight before Christmas- 7: Beware of the most caloric foods

In these weeks, if your goal is to lose weight, we recommend that you avoid some foods that, although very rich, are healthily consumed moderately and should be part of a balanced diet, in these weeks you can substitute other lighter ones.

It is about those foods that we all see with good eyes but that, nevertheless, have many more calories than we think. Take a look and excuse them from your diet for a few weeks.

How to lose weight before Christmas- 8: Less carbohydrate

Reducing carbohydrate intake is one of the most common ways to lose weight. It is not necessary to stop eating pasta or bread, but you must reduce your consumption and potencies those foods that do not contain carbohydrates, such as meat, chicken, seafood, fish or eggs.Less carbohydrate

How to lose weight before Christmas- 9: Think about where you want to lose weight

One thing that sometimes escapes us when we diet is that we will lose weight but, perhaps, we will not lose it in the area that we would like. We advise you to do exercises to lose fat in localized areas such as buttocks, abdomen or legs, so you can strengthen the areas that interest you most while losing weight.

How to lose weight before Christmas- 10: Less quantity

Sometimes you do everything right, you eat more vegetables and fruits, you cook healthily, you restrict the most caloric foods. But something goes wrong and you do not lose weight. Maybe what you miss is that you eat too much. Try these days to eat more slowly, chewing the food very well and savoring the food.

Sometimes we eat too much because of anxiety but in reality, if we eat slowly we realize that we have filled up before. Put a plate as you always do and make it a rule to leave a quarter of the plate without eating (do not throw it away, save it for another time). You will see how eating calmly and chewing well do not notice that you are eating less.Less quantity

How to lose weight before Christmas- 11: Fruits between hours

Forget about the cookies, the potato sachets or the pastries for a few weeks. If you want to lose weight, you should make five meals a day, two of them (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) as light as possible, so you can keep your metabolism active, have more energy and do not go to the main meals with a hole in the stomach

For this, it is best to opt for fruits: apples, pears, kiwis, strawberries, oranges, tangerines, cherries, watermelon, melon, pineapple, and grapefruit. You cannot say that the selection is not broad. And if it bores you to always eat the same thing, try combining them in juices to make delicious mixtures.Fruits between hours

How to lose weight before Christmas- 12: Learn to compensate

And finally, an idea that you must assume forever from now on. When you have a very caloric lunch or dinner, stop feeling bad for every bite you give because you think it makes you fat. Learn to enjoy pizzas, hamburgers or Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve without fear, you just have to know that if you’re going to spend the meal, you should make a much lighter dinner.

When you want to lose weight, you should be a little stricter when it comes to eating these foods as little as possible, but in your day to day, the key to a balanced diet is, as its name suggests, the balance between foods, so eat everything but within an order.

We hope you will like these tips to lose weight before Christmas. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a healthy Christmas.


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