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Why do not diets work?

Diets work-Every day we come into contact with options that offer us fight against obesity and that have great success in a world that lives with the epidemic of obesity. Many of these strategies are to achieve diet changes and implementation of sports routines. Billions of dollars are spent every year on these programs around the world. And new alternatives are emerging every day. So, why is the desired objective not achieved in a definitive way?

Why does not my diet work?

diet work

Many people are desperate to get fast results, and therefore resort to so-called “miracle diets”, which actually pose a great risk to health. There are few things more frustrating than training hard on a daily basis and being constant, worrying about what one eats and still not achieving the goals that we had established. There may be several reasons why you are not getting it. And in Sports and Life we ​​are going to give you three that can be fundamental. So keep them in mind because there is a solution.

In most cases it is simply because these programs create codependency between the client and the service provider. The result is that once the goal is achieved, the relationship ends and the client returns to its initial state.

It usually happens that these clients need a relationship or to be in contact with someone they would like to be good. A support and that they will pay attention that they do not get within their close circle. Many of these people can only find the care and attention they require through these services. This causes a false calm and an increase of self-esteem during short periods of time.

The real cause of obesity

We have all experienced or been close to someone who has followed one of these strategies to lose weight. And who soon returns to his weight or gains more kilos than he lost. We usually criticize or ask ourselves the reason why this happens. To understand the situation we must understand that obesity is not only a physical phenomenon. But in many cases it has its origin in emotional problems.

Except for those cases in which there is a disease or medical treatment that causes obesity, most of the time is the result of mishandling of emotions. It may sound strange or difficult to believe at first. But if we think about it correctly we will realize that the vast majority of the obese try to supply a need or solve a problem through food.

Sometimes we can find people who claim to be totally satisfied with their body and their weight. Although this may be true, there are also people who calm feelings of sadness, frustrations, fears or traumas with food.

The plan that does work

To ensure that a diet is really effective and not return to the starting point is important to attend to food, exercise and deeper emotions as a whole. Those that cause self-sabotage behaviors that lead to obesity.

For this reason you should look for programs in which psychological therapy is part of the process. Currently there are quite complete coaching programs to achieve this goal that should be chosen instead of the so-called miracle diets. If you cannot access one of these consultancies you can seek the attention of a psychologist.

You stop losing weight after two weeks

If you start in a new food plan, you feel excited because you have lost some weight the first two weeks. But then you get stuck  is that something fails. And neither more nor less, what is wrong is you. Maybe that diet that you are following is not for you. So the most advisable thing is to go to a nutritionist to check your habits. Remember that miracles do not exist, so before you start following another plan. Check with a professional what your body really demands through food.

You do not eat enough calories

Many people assume that if they are not losing weight. It is because they are eating too much. Then they eat less. And although this may be the case in some people, drastically reducing your calories does not work in the long term. And carries certain health risks. When you reduce your calories, you can start to lose muscle and slow down your metabolism. There are many cases in which a better body composition is precisely achieved by eating more! Do not be fooled, because to lose weight. Or lose fat is not necessary to starve yourself. Nor remove carbohydrates or fats from your diet.

You take a diet too long

Perhaps you have focused on losing fat for so long that your body has entered a state of need. Need to treat yourself, make cheat meals. Your body needs a natural adjustment point, a certain body weight. Or a level of body fat that will struggle to maintain. When you do not get all the calories you need for long periods of time, your body regulates itself by decreasing your metabolism. And remember that it must be in line with your caloric intake. Maybe it’s time to give the body a rest to start over. And if possible, as we mentioned before, with a professional to guide you.

Finally, the main cause is the lack of perseverance, perseverance and effort. When a person carries out a diet, it is necessary to be aware of what this means, of the need to change eating habits that not only allow to lose kilos, but also that this can be maintained over time. In a large percentage of people who suffer from overweight this does not happen, what they seek is to lose weight here and now, no matter how much to hold it.

Diets are difficult to do: it is very likely that when we start to diet we must put aside many of our eating habits, this radical change and attentive against the success of the diet, because no one can stay away from the foods that most affect us.

This radical change in our diet only stresses us, and stress is another of the points against a diet. An unhappy and stressed person is almost impossible to lose weight, the will directly against that diet.

The lack of patience and the anxiety, this works against any kind of treatment for weight loss , which is why it is necessary in many cases, the intervention of a psychologist to help control such impatience.

Another factor that threatens diets is the social, when we are on a diet it is very difficult to go out to eat with friends or family and not be tempted by alcohol, or a dessert that all enjoy in front of us, that leads us to seclude ourselves and avoid these exits, but you’ve been thinking, how long can you keep it that way?

Although our strength of will is very strong, the amount that we will falter will come, and we throw everything away as it will seem that what we lose is more than we will win, or am I wrong?

What good is it to be slim and slender if we cannot enjoy our girlfriends meetings, go out to eat with our partner. Or just eat pizzas watching a movie?

Another cause of why diets do not work is the fact that we have managed to lose a few kilos. And we become less willing to follow that difficult and sacrificed path. And we forget the commitment to change behavior in the long term.

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