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The Advantages Of Using Green Tea Scrub To Exfoliate

Many people are discovering the benefits of exfoliating the skin with green tea scrub. Exfoliation aids natural skin renewal by loosening and removing dead cells stuck to the epidermis. Scrubs will remove the dull layer of skin that makes the surface appear rough and flaky. Some natural ingredients work to relieve acne symptoms, may prevent certain skin cancers and soothe irritation caused by various environmental factors.

The body continuously produces new skin cells to replace the thousands that naturally shed on a daily basis. Most of them fall off but some cling to the surface and exfoliating will break them free. Removing the dead cells reveals a layer of fresher cells. This treatment speeds up the entire process, removing old cells and promoting new cell growth to maintain a fresh look.

Mechanical exfoliation is a procedure involving gentle massage with a formula containing particles of salt, sugar or some other slightly abrasive material. There are other more invasive procedures including chemical peels that dissolve cells with acids. Individuals have more control over the mechanical method making it less harsh on the skin.

Green Tea Scrub
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Some masks, powders, cleansers, and wipes contain fruit enzymes that dissolve the cells. This process happens without rubbing. An enzyme treatment is a good option for anyone who has acne or especially sensitive skin.

Tea leaves, in particular, the green variety, are often added to the body and facial scrubs because they have soothing properties. The leaves are rich in vitamins E and C and both nutrients are good for eliminating redness. They are high in antioxidants, which attack free radicals and protect against environmental factors that make the skin look rough and aged.

Introducing antioxidants with a green tea scrub reduces the effects of the natural aging process. Users enjoy a smooth complexion and firmer skin that resists wrinkling and sagging. Anyone can exfoliate at home to accelerate skin renewal and obtain that healthy glow everyone wants to have.

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