Blackheads problems: We dissipate and squeeze out with black mask

If you are thinking about how to remove blackheads quickly, painlessly and effectively, it is not always necessary to resort to the help of specialists from beauty salons. There is an elementary mechanism to combat this problem at home. All that is necessary for this to do is to properly steam out the skin and systematically squeeze out all blackheads while observing the simplest rules of sanitation.

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean and degrease the face with special cleansing lotions or creams. Then it is necessary to prepare a steam bath for steaming the skin.

This is done simply simple since all that will need to be done is pour into a large container of steep boiling water and add to it infusions or broths of medicinal herbs. Chamomile, a yarrow, a linden or other herbs will approach for this purpose ideally. Not at all superfluous will also be added to boiling water a small amount of sea salt, which besides helping to expand the pores, also saturates the skin with useful microelements.

So, cover your head with a towel and tilt your face over the hot water tank. Do not lean over the boiling water too low, for excessive zeal can result in a banal thermal burn. Sit in this position for 10-15 minutes, and then proceed to squeeze out blackheads. Keep reading

Keep in mind that before carrying out such procedures, you need to thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands. Especially if you are going to squeeze out blackheads before your eyes, where the skin is much more tender, sensitive and thinner. Ideally, it is generally better to wrap the fingers with pieces of gauze bandage or pick up wadded disks to remove makeup.

When the skin of the face is well steamed, the blackheads are squeezed out with little effort. Lightly press the black mask on both sides, and the sebaceous plugs will immediately come out on the surface of the skin.

At the end of the home cosmetology procedure for removing blackheads, it will be necessary to narrow the pores of the skin. To do this, you first need to wipe your face with tonic or lotion and then apply a mask to narrow the pores. Such masks are prepared from the most common products – oat flakes, egg whites, soda, lemon juice, gelatin, etc. In addition, masks made of cosmetic clay or activated charcoal mask have a fine pulling effect, we’ll talk about the method of preparation of these just below.

Activated charcoal with black clay

For heavily soiled skin, you can enhance the effect and add black clay to the composition. In addition, it removes edema, improves metabolism and fills the skin with useful microelements.

  • Charcoal powder of 2 tablets;
  • Black clay – 2 tsp;
  • Gelatin – 1 tsp;
  • Water – 4 tsp.

Prepare gelatin as in the previous recipe, combine it with charcoal absorbent and black clay. We put on the face, we wait and we remove a film.

Important: Do not apply the mask to the eyebrows.

Activate charcoal with white clay

Kaolin or white clay – a wonderful natural remedy, stimulating the production of collagen, gives elasticity, elasticity and softens the skin.

  • Kaolin – 1 tsp;
  • Water – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • A coarse tablet of coal;
  • Essential oil of eucalyptus (orange, lavender, tea tree) – 2 drops;
  • Base oil (olive, jojoba, peach bones) – 5 drops.

Mix the oils and add to the diluted clay and coal. Apply on the skin and after 510 minutes rinse.

Important: Before use, test the sensitivity. Use only those oils on which you do not have allergies.

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