Why the Solicitors have to charge you fees.

It is a sad but inescapable part of the house purchase system that you need to pay Conveyancing Fees to the solicitor. With all the other expenses that you are facing with the move such as fees for a broker, a possible charge for the mortgage product, plus the valuation and removal costs it might seem like one expense too many. However, the Conveyancing Solicitor is an essential part of the whole house move process and without them, no one can move and nothing can happen. At least with Sam Conveyancing you know they will be appropriate and apportioned.

The reason the Conveyancing Fees are charged by the Solicitor is simple, they are going to be doing a lot of work on your case to make sure it goes through. In the background, they will be drawing up a contract of purchase so that all the elements of the house move can be taken into account. It is their job to make sure that none of the contracts contains any loopholes that will stop the sale going through or leaving you at a disadvantage in some way. For example, if there is a restriction (known as a covenant) on the property that states you cannot put an extension on the house at any point this may affect your decision on whether to purchase it or not.

The other important part of the Conveyancing solicitors role is to make sure that the transfer of monies goes through so that the seller is paid by the lender.

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