When the Long Bow was the weapon of choice

Nowadays we use wood in a number of different ways, from the construction of an Oak Truss through to the furniture that we have in our homes. In the past there was an additional way in which wood was used and that is for weapons. The Longbow was a preferred weapon back in the 13th Century and whole armies were given them to use.

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In the Battles of Crecy and Agincourt, the most famous picture of the Longbow man is found. These were great victories for England and Wales, as it was Welsh bowmen who first used the weapon to such effect, and helped to protect English holdings in France and retain the English nobilities right to the Crown of France a throwback from the days of William the Conqueror. This was a devastating power weapon, especially when combined with the short stabbing bodkin arrow, as this could penetrate the Knights’ plate armour, all while the broad pointed head arrow was also deadly.

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The English and Welsh bowmen were able to fire salvos with stunning speed from these rockets. They shoot up to 40 arrows a minute in bulk. It became more difficult to penetrate as the production of plate armour went on, but the Knights also started to wear a dense padding underneath that stopped the arrow. The legs and thighs, however, were still exposed and the horses they rode on were still difficult to defend.

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