Three Native Tree Ideas for Your Garden

Trees are one of the most important parts of our world. They are the planets provider of the oxygen that we breathe and are also a habitat for millions of other creatures – from fungi to mammals, they support all of life on the planet and without them we would die out fairly quickly!

For this reason alone, planting trees is something that is a great thing to do, but they are also something that can add an attractive feature to your garden. Of course the size of your garden will be one of the largest factors in choosing the right tree to plant there – planting a tree that is too large in a smaller garden could cause all sorts of problems once it grows – for example the roots may interfere with your drainage and you would need to have someone like out to complete CCTV drainage surveys, and the branches could also pose a risk to the roof of your house. Therefore, before planting a tree in the garden, do some research on the final size of the tree first!

Choosing a native tree is also something that may be preferable – native trees are much easier to care for, as they are used to the soil and the climate of the UK, as well as the fact that they are a natural food source and habitat for wildlife, so you will be helping the birds and bees too! Here are suggestions for a great garden tree…

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Holly – This beautiful native evergreen is instantly recognisable and has long been revered as the king of the woods – as the Christmas carol says, of all the tree in the woods the holly wears the crown. It is a joyful seasonal plant, and the berries provide food for the birds when times are hard for them in the winter. It is also a great plant to have in the border of the garden as its spiky leaves protect your home from burglars and intruders.

Hawthorn – The May tree as it is also known is a fantastic little tree to have in the garden. It is also popular as a hedging plant, and of course it is in May when this tree really shines – the stunning white blossoms that appear on the tree are a joyful symbol of summers return, and in the autumn the berries known as haws are loved by birds and are also a lovely ingredient in jams and chutneys.

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Rowan – Also known as mountain ash (although it is no relation to the ash tree) its leaves are similar to those of an ash being a pinnate shape. It is a lot smaller though and also very hardy. In the autumn it is particularly striking, as not only do the leaves turn a beautiful colour, but the berries also brighten the tree. It is very popular in small gardens due to its beauty and small size.

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