How to power train for netball

How to power train for netball

In netball, power plays an important role. You need a powerful lower body when jumping and blocking shots, and you need a powerful upper body when passing or shooting goals.

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Every player should include power training in their regime, and the importance of this sort of exercise shouldn’t be underestimated. There are many methods of training but power training has the advantage as it strengthens your joints and muscles too, and this greatly reduces the chances of injury.

Understanding power training

Power training can be defined as any movement that requires explosive effort and combines the need for maximum speed and strength.

On the court, you need to be powerful and fast to perform at your best and a netball drill training video like the ones found at can help you learn how to do just that. Any exercises that combine jumping or running can also contribute to power training and these tips will help you achieve the most.

Get into it

Power training requires 100% effort, and you need to give it your all in order to be successful. A more powerful passing ability will greatly improve your value to a team, so working hard will pay off.

Power training with medicine balls is a great way to build power, and instead of throwing a netball, throw a medicine ball at your teammates, or pass it down a line and back again. The extra weight will help you improve your throw and add power to your push.

Jump around

Jumping is considered plyometric exercise and can be very helpful for netball players. The more power in your jump the higher you can leap to grab the ball, and the better your defence will be. Vertical jumps are the most common in netball and to train you can simply start off jumping off a low box, working your way up to taller boxes as you go. You can also jump with weights and can even add ankle weights to create resistance if preferred.

Strength training

Any type of strength training can also help you add power to your game, and this includes weightlifting, squats, pull-ups and anything else that builds muscle and makes you stronger. The stronger your body the more power you’ll have, and the better you’ll perform on the court.

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