How visual merchandisers are used in the fashion industry  

Mens designer clothes are a hot commodity this season at every major department store. Visual merchandisers are made aware of this increase of sales. This knowledge is very important when stores are set up as it allows for the use store space in an appropriate matter. Popular items are often put in an easily visible and accessible area of the store. This ensures that their sales continue to increase and that customers are able to easily obtain the products they want to purchase.  Visual merchandisers are used in physical fashion stores to improve the customer experience.

Visual merchandisers are not employed to design web stores. But their knowledge on products and how best to present them can still be used in the photoshoots conducted to photograph the items.  The visual merchandisers can be on set to ensure that the photography is flattering and presents the clothing in the style it is meant to be worn. One example of an online fashion retailer with flattering images of clothing items that potentially use visual merchandisers on set is EJ Menswear. It is a website dedicates to selling high quality designer items for men. Men’s fashion is an increasingly popular industry and innovative and intelligent fashion companies are trying to capitalise on this.

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