How to Take Care of Your Extended Lashes

Healthy lashes brighten up your look and give you more confidence. And when it comes to extensions, it is important to take good care of a thing as delicate as one’s own eyelashes.

Each girl relies on magic extensions and there is so much more to it than just clipping the things on and off.

There are several basic rules to take care of your eyelash extensions that you should follow religiously. Namely:

  • Try not to touch them right after you’ve applied them. You have oils on your fingers that can damage the lashes while they’re still fresh.
  • Don’t wash them for 24-36 hours. When it comes to washing your face, you can use lukewarm water and wash everything but your newly extended lashes. It is a quite important tip since lots of people just skip on this thinking that nothing may happen. WRONG!
  • Don’t go to the sauna, spa, etc. for 24 hours after the application. Even after that period of time, try not to get into steamy environments and stay there for hours. Your lashes won’t last long being heavily affected by steam.
  • Clean them properly with a lash shampoo a few times a week. In some cases, you can use baby shampoo in small amounts, but we strongly recommend to use the allocated product.
  • Use oil-free products to remove your makeup. Oil breaks the glue and the lashes fall off easily.
  • Try not to use mascara on your extended lashes. Or use extensions that are waterproof or oil based.
  • Obviously, don’t play with our lashes or pick them. Your natural eyelashes will fall off along with extensions in this case.
  • Don’t try to remove them yourself. You have to at least have a lash glue remover for eyelash extensions to do it, but we’d recommend seeking a professional’s help.

The lashes will definitely glam up your look when done properly. But looking after them is a very important step, too. These small tips will help keep your eyelashes healthy and superb.
There are some things you should know about that may happen after the procedure, however. They might look and feel odd, but they are totally normal.

  • Sensitive eyes can redden and get irritated. But all this disappears within an hour or so, no need to worry. Just remember that if you have sensitive eyes, some things may happen.
  • It’s ok when some lashes fall out even day after day (1-5). It happens when a new baby lash starts to grow and it pushes out the old one.
  • Some lashes grow faster than others. This means that you can have some new lashes and some extended lashes on one eye. And that’s ok as well.
  • You will need an infill after 2-4 weeks. Longer lashes tend to fall out faster than the shorter ones.

There are certainly some highs and lows when it comes to luxurious lashes. The whole thing might seem wrong at first, but it’s only natural, you will get used to and over it. Some occasional eye irritation and such is a fair sacrifice for having a gorgeous and glamorous everyday look, isn’t it? So keep on spicing up your life with magic extended lashes and try not to worry too much!

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