How to strengthen eyesight with 10 healthy foods

How to strengthen eyesight with 10 healthy foods

Many times we have heard that carrots, for example, are good for our eyes, but we do not really know why. The truth is that this statement is true, since this food provides us with the necessary nutrients and vitamins to improve our vision. We tell you what the 10 foods that will improve our vision are and how we can consume them in delicious dishes to delight us with food while providing us with the nutrients and vitamins that our eyeball needs. In this post, we will discuss how to strengthen eyesight with 10 healthy foods.

These healthy and favorable foods are given below:

1. Cereals and yeast

2. Citrus fruits

3. Carrots

4. Dairy products

5. Nuts

6. Fruits and vegetables in general

7. The figs

8. The red fruits

9. Bluefish

10. The egg

 1. Cereals and yeast: They are excellent for improving our vision, as they contain vitamin B, which helps prevent vision loss. Within this class of vitamins, the B12 that is found in many of the cereals that we can consume in the morning, has a large amount of folic acid that prevents us from the appearance of other diseases, in this case, of sight.

2. Citrus fruits: They are also allies of sight, since they contain a high content of vitamin C which is indicated to make the collagen of the muscles around our eyes. In addition, this vitamin helps the absorption of nutrients from food and other vitamins that we must acquire for our eye health. We can take citrus fruits for dessert, snack or juice; although it is advisable to take the piece of whole fruit between meals to better absorb its vitamins and nutrients.

3. Carrots: Carrots are an important source of vitamin A, essential for sight. They are the most famous to improve our vision and that is because they contain the most important vitamin for our eye health: vitamin A. This is responsible for facilitating our vision in the deepest darkness and if we lack it we can even go blind. Normally, children do not usually like this vegetable very much, but they do not have to eat it alone, but we can hide it inside lasagna or eat it raw while we spread it in a bowl of hummus or extra tender cheese.

4. Dairy products: The milk derivatives share with the carrots the contain vitamin A, essential for our vision, and be full of beneficial nutrients for our eyes. This food will be much easier to consume, both you and the smallest of the house, since we can take it in the form of yoghurts, cheese, milk, curds, and so on.

5. Nuts: Peanuts, nuts, pistachios all are a great source of nutrients for our health in general. By containing vitamin B they help strengthen our vision and prevent its loss by strengthening the muscles of the eyeball. If you do not like to eat them alone as a snack you can add them to your salads, meats or fry them in oils and add a splash to the food.

6. Fruits and vegetables in general: They are rich in vitamins B and A, essential for health and eye care. Therefore, it is very important that we eat at least once a day a leafy green or orange vegetable. For example, a sweet potato (in a tortilla or with sugar and cinnamon baked), a plate of spinach with pine nuts or a peach (better the piece than juice).

7. The figs: The figs contain zinc, which help us to strengthen the sight before changes of light. They are also very good, because they contain zinc, one of the nutrients that help us to strengthen our eyes in the face of radical changes in light or weather conditions. If we are not very close to this fruit, we can consume it in sweets or replace it with other vegetables with the same nutrients as potatoes or eggplant.

8. The red fruits: Raspberries, cherries or blueberries are ideal for the maintenance and repair of the retina, improving the adaptation and uptake of light, as they produce anthocyanidins that are responsible for improving the blood flow of our vision. If we do not like to eat these fruits alone, we can add them to our morning cereals, to our natural yogurt or to any dessert or drink.

9. Blue fish: Blue fish contains Omega 3, which is excellent to protect us from the muscular degeneration of the muscles that surround the eye when we get older. It also helps moisturize the eyes, which keeps them healthy and moisturized as long as they do not suffer more serious injuries due to dryness. For those who do not like fish, it can be consumed in the form of vitamins, although it has more nutrients if we eat it.

10. The egg: It is an excellent food for the eyes, since it contains the necessary properties for our ocular health: zinc and Omega 3. It is then an ideal food for the health of our eyes and, moreover, it is easier to find in everyday dishes such as: tortillas, fried eggs, batter, sweets, etc.

Adding these foods to your usual diet will prevent vision problems and delay others as inevitable as presbyopia, to enjoy as much time as possible healthy eyes worthy of a lynx. We hope that these foods will help you to strengthen your eyesight.


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