Did you know your boiler can be eco friendly?

It is not often that you would think about a heating appliance in your home, such as your boiler, as being eco friendly. But as the world looks at ways in which we can reduce our carbon emissions and look at ways in which we can reduce our fuel consumption, then eco friendlier boilers have to be on the list of measures that we can all take.

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There are a range of advantages to converting to a more powerful, eco-friendly boiler. The important thing is that your fuel consumption will be reduced, which also ensures that your emissions will also be reduced, because it’s safer for the atmosphere. Modern boilers often appear to take up less space than older ones, so you might be able to reclaim some valuable space that you can put to other uses in your home or business.

One such type of boiler is the condensing boilers that a Cheltenham Boilers company such as Combi Man can instal for you.

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All new gas boilers installed in homes in the UK have had to be condensation forms since 2005.. Condensing boilers recover some of the heat that would otherwise be lost through the flue, so compared to older models, it can help you make a big saving on fuel.Condensing boilers come in various forms. The most popular type is the combi type that immediately provides heating and heats tap water on demand. You can also get condensing boilers that have a cylinder that stores hot water to support a more conventional system. For larger properties or big families, these are usually better. It’s crucial to get the right system for your needs when making the move to a new boiler, so take into account the type of property and how many people live there.

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