Biology is all around us.

In our world is full of marvels and mysteries to the magnificent colours of the Flowers to the wonderful display of Peacocks feathers and most of all the magic of life when a new child is born every day. Biology is the science of all living things including plants and animals. This is from the most microscopic Organism, to the biggest whale in the sea. It is the study of plants and animals and all of the things inside of them and their habitats. These are environments and their surroundings that we take for granted every day or just something that we find beautiful but for them it is their home where they live. Their whole life surrounds where they live.

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Biologists study how things are living, growing, feeding and how they evolve. They also look at the different possibilities when they reproduce and how they change and that evolution over time. Biology covers an enormous range of topics some known with the human body regarding cells and how a plant goes through photosynthesis. Because of this biology is divided into separate branches such as psychology which is concerned with the way animals and humans think. It also involves how plants function. Anatomy deals with the structure of living things and from reptiles to insects, mammals and plants.

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Biology is essential in different Sciences and professions such as agriculture, forestry and medicine because all of these deal with living things whether that’s animals such as humans, or if it’s plants. Without biology we would not know how to care for humans making the job of Support Worker Jobs Gloucester or anywhere that much harder.

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