The Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer

Personal fitness has never been so popular, with more people than ever concerned about staying in shape and shifting those extra pounds. Especially after the over indulgent festive period. If you’re looking for a new direction, maybe a new career, then wouldn’t you like to combine keeping fit and work? Becoming a personal trainer has many benefits. The fitness industries are among the fastest growing, even in the current economic uncertainty. Here are some reasons to get involved:

  1. Instructors are needed

There is currently more demand than there are trainers. The industry is fast-growing as health concerns such as obesity and diabetes are on the rise. The public are much more health conscious than they were, understanding the need for keeping physically fit. The industry has not reached saturation point yet, nowhere near, so it’s a great time to get on board. If you’re great with people, a good communicator and prepared to undergo a DBS Check, then this could be for you. For more information about background checks, carecheck dbs checks has all the answers.

  1. Financial Benefits

It’s not all about money, but let’s face it, we all need to earn a living. Those who are successful in the industry can make good money. Some of the top trainers charge over £100 per hour. OK, so you won’t be able to charge this immediately but if you work hard and build a great reputation, the sky is the limit. The average wage for a Personal Trainer in the UK is over £40 an hour, which is a whole lot better than the minimum wage! You need only work part-time and still enjoy a good income.

  1. Love your work

Everyone wants to have a job that they love, but sadly not many of us truly achieve this goal. Most Personal Trainers adore what they do and would be engaged in keeping fit anyway as a hobby. To be able to earn a living from it is just an added bonus.

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  1. Be your own boss

Whether you decide to set up as a freelance trainer or want to work as part of a brand or leisure team, it’s highly likely that hours will be flexible, and you’ll be able to call most of the shots. Ultimately, you’ll be able to choose your hours, apply your own teaching methods, choose your clients and pick the best fitness programmes. Choosing when to work gives you the opportunity to continue your professional development, learn new skills and become even more marketable.

  1. Job satisfaction

There is huge satisfaction in being able to help others achieve their goals and see fitter, happier clients after participating in your training. The ultimate goal is to make people happy and that is a wonderful feeling. Knowing that you’re contributing to their health and well-being, means you get to go home with a smile on your face every day. Not only that but your fitness will always be in tip top condition and so too will your mental well-being.

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