7 home remedies to nourish and repair battered hair

A Hairy Situation

In our society, visual appearance is important. It is, therefore, not surprising that the thought of losing one’s hair is concerning for most people. What might be surprising is the knowledge that it is typical for a person to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day. Fortunately, new hair growth is usually sufficient to prevent the loss from being noticed. If hair falls out, and the growth of the new hair does not replace it, then hair loss (also known as alopecia) has taken place.

Typical Treatments

Many treatments exist for hair loss. These include medication, laser therapy, lifestyle and hairstyle remedies, and hair transplant Rockville. It is important to consider the specific symptoms and causes for each type of hair loss when determining the most appropriate treatment.

Typical Symptoms

There are various ways for hair loss to manifest, and the cause of the loss plays a significant role. Some people lose their hair suddenly, and for others, the process is gradual. The scalp may be the only part of the body affected by the hair loss, or the entire body can be impacted.

The type of hair loss that is the most common, a gradual thinning that takes place on the top of the head, affects folks as they age. It is typical for men to experience a receding of their hair at the hairline on their forehead. In women, a broadening of the natural part in their hair commonly occurs.

A person’s beard, eyebrows, or scalp may show hair loss in patchy or circular bald spots; an itchy or painful sensation sometimes precedes the hair falling out. Loss of hair that happens all over the body can be caused by certain medical treatments, including chemotherapy. With full-body hair loss, regrowth is common.

If the scalp develops patches of spreading scaling, ringworm could be the cause. Finally, a temporary but sudden loosening of the hair, in which washing or combing results in the loss of handfuls of hair, can be attributed to shock.

Although losing one’s hair can be frightening, realizing that treatment is available may offer some reassurance.

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