whitening with activated charcoal at home

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal at home

How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal at home? How often do the cleaning and do not damage the enamel? What can I do to improve the result? We will answer these and other questions in our article!

The use of activated charcoal in medicine is due to its high sorption properties and completes safety. The substance is a compressed powder of wood or coconut coal, capable of absorbing water and everything that it contains: toxins, pollution.

It is believed that this is how the activated charcoal behaves for teeth whitening. The recipe for its application, however, is based entirely on other properties. We will describe them in detail. Read more http://www.racingdentist.com/discover-charcoal-toothpaste-risks-whitening-teeth/

How Activated Charcoal Works

Sorption properties of coal are manifested only when contact with a large volume of water. A teeth whitening with activated charcoal at home is based on its abrasive properties. The structure of the powder is extremely heterogeneous, which is manifested by the presence of minute dense particles. When they massage the surface of the teeth, these particles do not absorb the plaque at all, but they rigidly remove it together with enamel microparticles.

At the same time, it is not good to think that teeth whitening with activated charcoal are harmful. In any case, it cannot be called more harmful than a combination of soda with hydrogen peroxide. If ingested, the substance will not cause any problems. It does not irritate the membranes of the oral mucosa, because of which it can be used even in the presence of their injuries. It does not cause burns of the mucous in the event of a concentration disorder.

The only drawback of the method should be considered its hard impact on the enamel, in fact, its mechanical abrasion, which leads to the appearance of imperceptible eye cracks, which subsequently cause the sensitivity of the teeth. A safer and gentler method is, for example, bleaching bottles that not only eliminate plaque but also saturate the enamel with minerals. If we talk about cost, then teeth whitening with activated charcoal are certainly the cheapest. But we recommend you to check best charcoal teeth whitening reviews http://www.racingdentist.com here.

3 procedure techniques

There are several prescriptions for teeth whitening with activated charcoal. In each case, 1-2 tablets are required.

  • Pound the activated charcoal tablets into powder and mix them with a little water. The volume of it should be minimal for obtaining thick gruel. It is convenient to pour water by drop, from the pipette, mixing the mixture well. Brush your teeth with a toothbrush. To do this, you can use a soft toothbrush or finger pads to reduce the effect of abrasive. After massaging the surface of the teeth for 2 minutes, rinse your mouth.
  • Express method of teeth whitening with activated charcoal. Reviews indicate its effectiveness, although insufficient thoroughness of cleaning the enamel. Take a pair of black tablets and carefully open the mouth. Then put water in your mouth, rinse for a minute, spit it out.
  • “Activated charcoal” toothpaste. Crushed 1 tablet of activated charcoal, add a little powder directly to the toothpaste on the brush. Brush your teeth as usual.

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