Exercises to perform while you are in the office

15 Exercises to perform while you are in the office

Today, most of us spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer, either for work or leisure. Years ago, people made their living doing some kind of physical exercise and there was no need to carry out additional activities apart from work, but this sedentary life means that we do not exercise as much as we would like. That’s why; health articles magazine will give you 15 exercises to perform while you are in the office.

Whether due to lack of time or because you get home too tired, there is always a valid excuse to not exercise after leaving work, but if we told you what you can do a series of exercises while you work that will make at least keep yourself in shape and avoid those back, leg and arm pains, so usual of sedentary life.

In addition to helping you to be more in shape, these routines will help you make the day in the office more bearable and therefore, to work happier. In these times it has become necessary more than ever to do some physical activity while we work and the one that we do not have time to exercise because of work will cease to be valid as soon as you carry out the advice that we propose to exercise you while you are in your position.

You can carry them out without losing productivity by preventing your tendons and muscles from shrinking due to the long periods of time you spend sitting. This also causes shrinkage in the hip flexors causing tension in the lower back and knees.

Exercises to perform while you are in the office:

Since a desk job does not have to be an ordeal for physical well-being, we present a few tricks so that your muscles do not atrophy and that sitting so long behind a table is not a symptom of health deterioration, but that we are able to balance work with physical well-being and that this has an impact on improving our mood throughout the workday.

  1. Take the trip to the office
  2. Raise and lower your legs
  3. Leg Adduction
  4. Isometric Contractions
  5. Back to the wall
  6. Squat with chair
  7. Blows with the arms
  8. Have a few tools on hand
  9. Toning arms
  10. Raise your arms
  11. Stretch the neck
  12. Take advantage of downtime
  13. More standing time
  14. Sit on a ball
  15. Routine walks

1. Take the trip to the office according to health articles magazine:

Try to work walking, cycling or rollerblading, whenever possible on your way to and from work. Try to use the stairs of a lifetime instead of the mechanics or elevators. Take the trip and return from the office as a time for you, to think, relax and clear up before and after your workday. Your health and your mind will thank you. Take the trip to the office

2. Raise and lower your legs according to health articles magazine:

This exercise consists of performing leg extensions, raising and lowering them while you are sitting at your desk, doing several series. First, raise one leg and try to hold it straightforward for a few seconds, stretch it so that it is parallel to the ground; then repeat the same exercise with the other. As you stretch your leg, squeeze the quadriceps, which are the muscles that are on your knees.

Once you have your leg stretched, exaggerate the quadriceps grip and hold for three to five seconds, creating your own resistance. If you have access to a light ankle weight of 1 or 2 kg you will notice greater resistance and the exercise will be more complete, but it is not necessary while doing it correctly and without pulling at a constant pace. Do 10 to 15 repetitions for one leg and then change legs. Raise and lower your legs

3. Leg adduction according to health articles magazine:

This exercise serves to tone the inner side of the thighs and hips. For this, you need to place between your knees while you remain seated a jacket, sweatshirt, folio pack or towel. Squeeze your knees against each other, hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds, and then rest for the same amount of time. Do sets of 15 to 20 repetitions during the day to keep the inside of your legs in shape. Another variant to achieve the same goal is to maintain the pressure for 30 to 60 seconds without repetitions.Leg adduction

4. Isometric Contractions according to health articles magazine:

These contractions are exercises without a change in muscle length. This means that the muscle does not move, but it contracts. Sit on your desk and squeeze your gluteal and abdominal muscles as hard as you can. Even without added weight, the simple act of tightening is enough to exercise. The trick is to hold for about 10 seconds and then relax for about 30 seconds. Do 10 to 12 repetitions. Do this throughout the day while you are in the chair, believe us, you will notice the results.Isometric Contractions

5. Back to the wall according to health articles magazine:

Try to rest your back against the wall and bend your knees until your legs are parallel to the ground. Imagine you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Stay like this for 30 or 60 seconds. This will help you tone up gaining strength and endurance.

6. Squat with chair according to health articles magazine:

To carry out this exercise remove the backrest of your chair. Sit on the edge and hold the armrest, now lift the hips and buttocks off the chair about 7cm and return to sit. Another alternative way to do squats

is that you feel the usual way pressing your legs against the ground as hard as you can for an isometric contraction. Be careful if your wheelchair is that you might end up on the floor even before you start and we do not want you to report us for harmful advice.Squat with chair

7. Blows with the arms according to health articles magazine:

This exercise in addition to exercise removes stress immediately. It’s about that you sit with your back straight in your chair and with your legs open. Stretch your arms and contract your abdominal muscles. Once in this position and noticing that you are well balanced, start hitting the front alternating one hand with another. The hand that does not hit must have it retracted over the chest separating it to strike at the same time that you stick to your breast chest the other. This exercise works your arms, but to stay stable, your abs must work all the time.

You will work abdominals, arms, lower back, shoulders and if you have had any discussion during that day or a bad meeting, it will help you get rid of the bad stuff. You do not need to put on gloves, but do it when you do not see many people or think you want to get angry with someone.Stretch your arms

8. Have a few tools on hand according to health articles magazine:

Having on your desk or table certain utensils to exercise you never come from more, you can better tone the muscles of the arm and back. Among these tools we can include:

  • A hand exerciser: They are small and cheap, they can be stored anywhere on your desk. Take advantage of the moments you are reading or not using your hands to work, to use the exerciser. It will release stress from your arms and wrists and strengthen your forearms.
  • Some small weights 1 or 2 kg to perform arm exercises working biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back.
  • An elastic band: Also cheap and lightweight anywhere. They are very effective to tone and improve postural habits if you practice exercises with them constantly. They are also a good alternative also to work balance, mobility and improve blood circulation. You can perform arm or leg stretching exercises with them.
  • A squash ball: It is used to relax the muscles like a massager. It will prevent that when working with the computer for a long time your muscles of the forearm become tense and cause injuries. Stretch your left arm so that it is straight and pointing to the ground, forming a 45-degree angle with your body. With your right hand, see the ball spinning with the palm around the muscles on top of your left forearm.
  • A couple of bottles of water: You can use them for a variety of exercises for your arms and shoulders: bicep curls, triceps extensions or shoulder abduction.Have a few tools

9. Toning arms according to health articles magazine:

Another good idea to tone your arms is to place them on the desk while moving your feet away from the table until you reach 45 degrees with the body. Once in that position, you flex your arms. Do it for 10 or 12 times and rest 30 seconds, repeat it three times. You will notice how you tone your arms and chest. Take it out only if the table is sturdy if you are not looking for another surface that can support your weight.

10. Raise your arms according to health articles magazine:

To stretch and deal with contractures will be necessary to raise your arms as much as possible vertically as if you wanted to touch the ceiling, keep your posture for 30 seconds and repeat the operation throughout the day when you are under tension. It is also convenient that you stretch your back and thighs. Moving the chair away from the table and resting one leg on the table, throwing the body forward, stretch both back and twins and thighs. Then repeat the operation with the other leg.Raise your arms

11. Stretch the neck according to health articles magazine:

Relax your neck by tilting your head trying to bring your ear to your shoulder. Exert a little pressure with the hand on the side where you tip your head while keeping the other arm behind your back. Then repeat the operation to the other side.

12. Take advantage of downtime according to health articles magazine:

Whenever you have time, while you wait for copies to be printed, restart the computer, download or install software, take advantage of and carry out some more demanding exercises such as push-ups, quadriceps and twins standing stretches, some jumps with knees to the chest. Remember that everything that comes out of the routine of sitting will come in handy.Take advantage of downtime

13. More standing time according to health articles magazine:

Try to work standing a part of the workday. Take the opportunity to stand up if you have to make or receive a call. Approach the position of your partner with which you have to deal with a topic, instead of doing it over the phone. In recent times, a table that is getting up enough to work with the computer while standing is becoming fashionable. If you can get one and they allow it in your company, you will be able to spend more time on foot getting much better your fitness, tone more and improve the circulation of your legs.

14. Sit on a ball according to health articles magazine:

Working sitting on a pilates ball or stability ball will allow you to bounce or do basic toning exercises. Avoid being in the same position throughout the workday, since you will have to be all the time with your legs in tension and tight abs, also improve posture. It should be used sparingly if you write a lot on the keyboard since it could cause carpal tunnel or tendonitis.Sit on a ball

15. Routine walks according to health articles magazine:

Whenever you stop to eat, take the opportunity to go for a walk with your companions and stretch your legs, go out and take a breath for a while and charge batteries to face the rest of the day at the office.

With these exercises, you are not going to be an elite athlete, but you will get more than what you were doing until now without doing anything. Remember that the recommendation is to do at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. Spread this half hour throughout your workday will not mean anything, but it will help you to free yourself a little bit of stress helping you to be more comfortable in your position and even to be more productive.

Another good way to exercise and relieve tension would be to breathe deeply from time to time. You can take to work your abs keeping your stomach tight for a few seconds to breathe and then relax to exhale.Habit of drinking lots of water

Another good habit would be to have a bottle of water by your side and adopt the habit of drinking lots of water throughout the day. If you do it constantly, you will begin to feel more alert. If you get thirsty, get up to look for water, tea or whatever you drink. It is better to make several trips to the kitchen or to the office beverage machine during the day than to have everything at hand. That way you can walk. But above all, leave the excuses and take care a little more in this sedentary life that we all carry.

We hope you will like these exercises to perform while you are in the office. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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