Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep

Six top actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep

Would not you like to sleep like a baby right after you go to bed? Unfortunately, many thoughts come to your mind and disturb your tranquility, then you spin around in bed, time passes and you still cannot sleep, is there anything that can be done?  There is always something that can be done and that depends on you putting into practice specific actions to achieve it. In this article, we give six actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep.

So consider the tips and tips that we will share with you to calm your restless mind when you cannot sleep.

Six actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep

  1. Looking to relax
  2. Analyze your night routine
  3. Try the visualization technique
  4. Stay away from electromagnetic fields
  5. Include bitter chocolate in your diet
  6. Last thoughts

Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep- 1: Looking to relax

It has been shown that those who go to sleep had many worries, they will have a poor quality of sleep, because the subconscious will be active and will not allow you to have a restful sleep, so one idea is to listen to some classical music to sleep in tone happy or some soft and fresh melody, many hear melodies that include sounds of nature, like the wind, the waves of the sea or the water that runs through a river. Looking to relax

Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep- 2: Analyze your night routine

It is customary for many people to make plans or try to solve problems at night almost before bedtime, but if you have trouble conceiving the dream it is better to look for a different time for that kind of activities and rather dedicate the night to relax the mind.

The night should be to relax, listen to some inspiring and happy music, and have a good conversation with someone.

On the contrary, if you think about frustrating or difficult things, it will be more difficult for you to sleep better since your brain will be in an active mode of solving problems and trying to create new ideas.

Look for different alternatives for the night that help to relax your mind, turn off the lights 30 minutes before going to sleep, turn down the volume to the TV, drink a tea without caffeine of course!

Even reading a book with soft content, such as a novel, or growth and positive messages would be ideal.Analyze your night routine

Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep- 3: Try the visualization technique

It is very effective. This can be used when you cannot sleep and consists of doing a few short breathing exercises and then applying visualization, so follow these simple steps.


Stand up with your knees slightly bent, then inhale through your nose slowly, hold the air for 10 seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth.

Repeat this exercise three to five times. That helps increase oxygen levels, so blood will come with more oxygen to your brain which will be positive for your nervous system.

Put on relaxing music, then imagine that there is a sunny day and you are sailing in a small boat through the waters of the river that you hear, when you hear the sound of the birds, the water, go recreating all those events in your mind, as if you were really there, just let yourself go and you will see how your mind started to make images like in a movie.

Finally open your eyes breathe deeply and smile, as it will have been an almost spiritual experience of deep contact with nature.Try the visualization technique

Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep- 4: Stay away from electromagnetic fields

This is a theory that is not talked about much, but those who believe that the human body is a being of energy talks about the energies around us and how they affect us. One of these energies is that of the electromagnetic fields created by the radioactive energy that different devices emit.

This causes an interference with the production of melatonin which is the hormone produced during the hours of sleep.

It is recommended never to sleep in front of the television or with a cell phone connected to the side.

It is also said that you should keep the electronics off and charge the mobile phone away from you in another room at least three meters while you sleep at night.Stay away from electromagnetic fields

Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep- 5: Include bitter chocolate in your diet

The bitter chocolate is a food that contains many antioxidants such as flavonoids, which eliminate the free radicals that are responsible for the destruction of collagen in the skin and causes it to wrinkle.

But even more important, due to its high magnesium content, it is ideal for regulating sleep since magnesium is a natural tranquilizer that intervenes in nerve transmissions and keeps neurons active. That is, it will give you excellent relaxation to sleep.

Recommendation: Moderately consume organic cocoa powder or chocolate provided you have a minimum of 40% cocoa.Include bitter chocolate in your diet

Actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep- 6: Last thoughts

Not all the tips will work for you, but you must find what works for you and what suits your lifestyle.

The most important thing is to take action, start today.

Try each tip a few nights and find out if it works or not. Remember that many like to know how to solve or do something but not everyone likes to bring knowledge to practice.

Do not be one of those who complains but does nothing about it. Today is your opportunity to change something that bothers you or that you want to fix, nobody can make these changes for you, just you and to be one step closer to change, all you have to do is start.

We hope you will like these actions to calm a restless mind when you cannot sleep. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!



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