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The relax the mind from a different point of view and where I help people unlock their minds: to change their beliefs, to overcome fear and self-sabotage and to get the changes they want in themselves or in their lives.

Being able to calm your mind and find a space within you that you can always use to calm down and feel good about yourself is fundamental to your well-being.

Because surely you have moments when your mind speaks to you too loud and confuses you, making you feel confused, anxious or fearful.

It may also take away your sleep or at certain times fill you with thoughts in a loop. If this is your case, I invite you to read Eduardo’s guide to understand your mind and sleep better.


relax the mind

The action of calming relax the mind has a lot to do, as Eduardo says in his book “Mind, let me live! , with self-knowledge.

Consciousness is the first step to change, listen well to your thoughts and be attentive to the tone in which you speak. If you are aware of how your thoughts affect you and what thoughts you are having, you can change them or calm down more easily.

How we talk to ourselves is something that undoubtedly affects our emotional state and even leads us to sometime. So if there is some thought that overwhelms you too much you can try to calm down with a more reassuring one.


  • Remove thought from importance
  • Think what you think, it’s just a thought.
  • It only has power if you give it to them. You can believe it or not at any time.
  • Believe me, it’s just a thought. And thoughts are always being created spontaneously and fleetingly.

You can simply observe them from the outside and choose not to identify with them. Observe your thought and choose to go through it or believe it if it suits you.

You have the power to choose at all times how that thought affects you.

Redirect thinking

  • If your thoughts make you feel bad, think:
  • How would you like to feel and what thought would you have to replace to do it?
  • Your thought provokes in you an emotion that leads you to have a certain action. If you are aware of this process, you can change it. Analyze well how that thought makes you feel.
  • Now take the thought and redirect it. Learn to direct your mind. Turn it around and change its meaning. Take one that makes you feel better.

Have an open attitude

Judgment is something that is always occupying our minds and does not allow us to surrender to the present, nor to enjoy what we have in hand.

Open your mind like a child’s. Be prepared to be amazed and feel anchored to the present. Try not to compare moments or make assumptions. For a child every moment is new and unique and his mind is where it is.

The greatest cause of mental suffering comes from not accepting the present as it is. Do not accept things as they are. Do not accept yourself to deny who you are and to deny your present will only bring you suffering. Let go of control and let you go for the moment.

The relax the loves to travel through the past and the future. So if you do not part of the present, it will take you tirelessly for one or the other.

Practice meditation

Meditation is the best technique to calm relax the mind and is really something simple to perform and that will transmit peace and clarity of thought. It will also help you create new neural connections.

The idea of ​​meditation is to focus your mind and concentrate on something but if you cannot avoid thinking nothing happens let those thoughts pass, observe them from outside and try to misidentify with them. Observe them as if they were not yours.

Try to be here and now

Practice mindfulness, mindfulness, and try to be here and now. Be aware of when you travel to the past more than necessary and when you are creating expectations for the future.

Living in the past or in the future is one of the biggest reasons that our mind is restless and restless.

Learn from the past, project your future but free yourself from the mental chains that bind you to one another.

You can take advantage of any moment of your day to day to be more present: eating more attention, really listening to someone, giving yourself more to the task at hand, and watching the sunset.

In addition, there are activities that are perfect to calm the mind naturally, practice Mindfulness and anchor in the here and now as:

  • The sport
  • The dance
  • The painting
  • The handcrafts
  • Cleaning
  • The sex
  • A walk through nature
  • A relaxing bath
  • Writing
  • A concert of your favorite group

All are activities that require concentration and delivery at the moment and that you can take advantage of to practice mindfulness, clear your mind and be here and now.


 It is about the moment you feel bad or you are assaulted by too many thoughts and doubts and your mind fills, or you think you are going to do some foolishness driven by emotion, to perform, for example, 3 deep inspirations.

Trust and take care of your stimuli

Trust Many times we fill our minds with worries about things that are never going to happen because it is difficult for us to deal with uncertainty and it scares us.

Take care of the stimuli if you perceive that there is something that leads you to think too much or overwhelms you.

For example, I am sure that there are music that makes you feel calm and calm and others that upset you. The same with environments, images, people, etc.

It is about choosing or selecting, in general, those things that make you feel good and calm and avoid stimuli that make you feel uncomfortable, nervous or stressed, taking care of what you hear and see.

Do one thing at a time

The mental dispersion can be a cause of a restless relax the mind. If we also add a physical dispersion the result can be quite un-reassuring.

Write down your pending tasks and do one at a time. Relax the mind needs some time to start concentrating and if after that time you start something else it will never do it. So take the opportunity to immerse yourself in your tasks.

Assigning yourself a time in any task will help you focus your mind on the task and in the present moment.

It can also help you to set aside some time to, for example, be on social networks or answer your emails to avoid the mental dispersion they cause if you are hanging around them all day.

Check your beliefs

As Eduardo comments in his book, a book I strongly recommend, if your beliefs are not empowering, it is likely that they are limiting you, playing tricks or contributing to a bad internal dialogue.

That is why it is so important that you review them. In addition, they allow you to expand your thinking.

Tell me you are worried and now think two or three truths about it. Observe these thoughts, they are your beliefs. Are real? How can you expand or change them? How can you at least change the language?

For example, suppose you have a problem with a friend who is taking away your sleep. It is important to discover “your truths” and values ​​about friendship, such as:

It is also likely that in these truths you find yourself with some values. Emotions that are really important to you.

So you can ask yourself:

What values ​​of yours are you applying and what values ​​are against you?

Another thing you can try is to pass your thought through a filter that has one of your values. In my guide on How to think better about yourself I tell you how to do it from love.

Test it! When you are assaulted by a thought that is altering you, think, what if I could think it from my value. Would you think the same way?

Self-knowledge and self-inquiry are essential to be able to change your mind and calm your mind, but for that it takes a bit of awareness: knowing how to listen to those thoughts and knowing how to listen to oneself.

Other things that usually work very well are the change of body posture and the practice of gratitude. Gratitude will help you calm down and at the same time train your mind to focus on the good.

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