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How to furnish a home in an eco-sustainable style

Those who care about the health of the environment must devise all the ways to be able to safeguard it starting from their home. To obtain an eco-sustainable style house, it is important to create a healthy and unique environment, choosing carefully not so much the furniture and accessories itself, as the materials with which they are made, the surface coatings and the paints.

It is not a simple undertaking, that’s why some rely on furniture specialists, from architects to interior designers. But those who want to solve with DIY, will find these tips very useful.

Eco-friendly furnishings

To make the house greener, it is recommended to opt for products that are made consciously. If you buy wooden furniture, check that they are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Alternatively, solutions made entirely of stone or marble scraps may be preferred, or alternative materials may also be preferred, including cardboard, cork, straw and bamboo.

Which appliances do you prefer?

Typically, in the eco-sustainable style houses the electrical appliances should not be present. However, it is not by giving up these products entirely that you will save the environment. This is why it is still possible to choose the right ones, namely low-consumption appliances.

The classification must be A +++ as a minimum, which will also allow you to save a lot on your electricity bill. Also it is good to use them consciously. For example, if you have a rate that makes you pay less at night and on the weekend, then use the appliances during these times.

Ecological wallpapers and paints

Those who want to cover their home with wallpaper, can do so by preferring those made with natural components and vegetable fibers, therefore free of toxic and biodegradable substances.

If you opt for painting, it is better to prefer water-based solutions, ideal even if there are children in the house, because these paints are free of toxic substances.

The extra green touch: plants

Indoor plants will facilitate the cleaning of the air by purifying it of polluting agents, for a naturally healthier environment.

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