8 important and easy steps for a healthier lifestyle

8 Interesting and easy steps for a healthier lifestyle

Like physical training, mental activity is critical to good cognitive health. Also, do not forget to perform stretching to avoid injuries. In this article, we have 8 interesting and easy steps for a healthier lifestyle.

Having an active lifestyle is important in keeping you healthy. When you stay active you reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer.

It’s not about being a professional runner to improve your health. It’s about changing your most active lifestyle to help your heart be trained, stay strong and have a healthier weight.

The trick to staying active is to find something you like to do. For some, this may mean having friends with whom to exercise.

It does not matter if you go to the gym, walk or dance with a video in front of the computer.

Although it may be difficult, it is about finding the style of training that suits you.

For this, you can follow these simple tips that, no matter what kind of person you are, will make you more active.

1. Take it easy: The 5 worst lies you can tell your doctor. Is your body accustomed to the sedentary lifestyle? If so, try to start slow. Always talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program, it will tell you the precautions you should take before choosing a routine.

In general, you should start with short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration as you gain resistance.

2. Dedicate yourself 30 minutes a day: To achieve the lifestyle you desire your goal should be 30 minutes daily. You can even split it into three 10-minute sessions, which are just as good as exercising for 30 consecutive minutes.

You can, for example, employ 10 minutes of dancing before going to work, 10 more minutes of walking in your own home after eating and the last 10 walking around the neighborhood as soon as you get home from work.

Logically, more exercise is better. However, if you exaggerate in the duration and difficulty of your training you can suffer from injuries such as muscle tension.

It is best that you work slowly so as not to hurt yourself and to have to stop your training.

3. Lift weight: Not only do you need aerobic exercise. Training with some resistance or weight lifting is also important. This type of exercise helps you strengthen your bones and improves your balance and coordination.

This reduces the risk of osteoporosis, in addition to preventing injuries or falls. If you do not know how to start, it is advisable to hire a trainer for a session.

This way you will know exactly what to do and you will have an idea of how to continue on your own.

4. Combine workouts: In many gyms, there are classes that are included in your monthly membership. Take advantage of these opportunities. This will allow you to experience new activities that will make your workouts less boring.

You will take advantage of the coaches and expand your social circle while changing your lifestyle for a healthier one.

5. Take care of your money: Getting a workout at home can cost you very little. There are many training videos that can be useful and, if you have access to the internet, it will be even easier and cheaper to find new types of exercises that you like.

There are many exercises that do not require many types of equipment to be effective. This is the case of activities such as:

Jump the rope
Image source:Google image

Walk the jog

Jump the rope


To do squats

Training with heavy objects such as books or water bottles

Scissors jumps

6. Stretching: It is important to perform a small stretching session both before and after exercise. Adding them to your new lifestyle will improve your flexibility and range of motion.

In addition, they reduce the risk of injuries and muscle cramps. Another advantage is that they improve the circulation of blood through your body. You may need help finding the most effective ways to do stretching.

For this, do not hesitate to look for a coach and ask for help with a short stretching routine before and after training.

7. Improve your rest: A healthier lifestyle is not just about being more active. A regular rest schedule is also required. Your body needs to recover the energies spent the day before.

Having an optimal environment to rest for at least 7 to 8 hours will help you sleep much better.

Avoid sleeping while watching TV or using your cell phone. These kinds of stimuli can hinder sleep.

If you rest properly you can have more energy to continue with your activity the next day.

8. Keep your mind active: Power your brain with sudokus. Like your body, your mind also needs training. When you keep your mind busy you increase your levels of vitality and create a significant pool of mental cells and intellectual connections.

Consider the idea of reading, puzzling, solving sudokus or crossword puzzles, writing in a diary, or playing games that give you dexterity, such as chess, for example.

When you keep your mind active, you ensure a longer mental health and reduce the possibility of suffering diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairment.



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