Reduce Stress

Surprising Ways to Reduce Stress

For many of us, stress is a normal part of life – we’re inundated with problems in the workplace, social life, and home situation. The problem with stress is that if you’re not able to cope with it properly, you can end up with numerous health problems because stress has a negative effect to just about every major organ in your body. You can end up with cardiovascular problems, a weaker immune system, and regular headaches and migraines. Even your skin condition can get worse with too much stress.

So how do you avoid it? Getting a massage regularly can help, as the best massages in Montreal and other major cities employ experts who can really get rid of your stress. But when you’re at work or at home, there are some quick fixes you can try that can help.

Hot Towel

If you’re feeling stressed in your office or at home, a hot hand towel can be a great solution. Soak the hand towel in water and then put it in your microwave for 2 minutes. When it’s nice and steamy, take it out and place the towel on the back of your neck and then on your face. The sensation of the hot towel on these spots can cause your body to relax immediately.

Venting by Writing

One of the reasons why journals and diaries are so popular is because it allows you to relieve your stress when you put all your frustrations and troubles into written words. Various studies have demonstrated that spending just 10 minutes writing about the various stressful problems in your life can actually decrease how you perceive your stress levels.

The scientists aren’t quite certain as to why this works. Maybe seeing the words on paper instead of having the trouble remain in your mind makes your problems easier to deal with. The very act of writing may distract you from your worries. Regardless of how it works, it just works. So you should start writing your problems down, instead of just ruminating about them.

Listen to Gentle Music

If you’re stressed and you like to listen to the news or to hard rock metal music, maybe the two are correlated. Gentler music can do the trick, as calm beats and rhythms have been proven to alleviate stress. Stop listening to the news when you’re working, as you may find yourself aggravated instead by upsetting media reports.

Drink Tea

Too much coffee can be stressful, so you may want to replace that cup of java with a cup of tea instead. Drinking tea daily has been shown to reduce levels of stress hormones and increase feelings of relaxation. The best types of tea you can try are black tea and chamomile.

Be Mindful during Routine Activities

If you’re like most people, you may have a set routine for many household tasks such as washing your dishes or folding the laundry. It can be stressful for you if you find these tasks tedious and tiresome and you resent having to do them. The routine may also be so automatic for you that your mind can wander and focus on your problems, and that can lead to more stress.

Instead, focus on what you’re doing during the routine task. A routine task can be relaxing because you won’t have to make stressful decisions. Everything is automatic. By being mindful, the routine can also soothe your mind as you keep your brain from focusing on distracting problems as well.

Take a Shower

In the morning when you’re hurrying to work, a shower can wake you up but it won’t relax you. So when you get home, relax by taking a nice 10-minute shower and feel the stress washed away by the warm water.

All these tasks are easy enough to do when you’re in the office or at home. They can help alleviate your stress every now and then. But don’t stop getting massages—they’re a great help as well!

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