Spring time, time for allergies

The arrival of spring, although desired during the winter months, officially opens the season of allergies. Temperatures increase bitaut, along with them, also disorders such as sneezing and watery eyes. What can we do to try to limit the hassles and enjoy the incipient summer?

Remedies for allergies

Rhinitis, conjunctivitis, cough and bronchial asthma: the figures are almost scary. As many as millions suffer from respiratory allergies.

Nasal wash

Doctors suggest nasal washing with saline solution as the first natural and effective remedy. By implementing this very simple practice (you can also use a syringe deprived of the needle) you can contain and reduce the symptoms of allergy and, at the same time, it acts as an anti-inflammatory adjuvant.

Micronized showers

The nebulization carried out with micronized nasal showers is also very effective: thanks to this simple medical device, the active ingredient can arrive more easily and quickly on site.


Another practice is inhaler therapy recommended especially in cases of bronchial asthma.

The Inhaler allows rapid drug delivery. It is useful both to counter the symptoms of allergy and the inflammatory process.


Remove the allergy to the plants with the right plants

Nature is lavish, we know it: there are many natural remedies that allow us to counter the symptoms of allergy, reduce inflammation and improve our immune system.

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Here are some examples.

Perilla seed oil: The active ingredient present in this plant has important anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antiallergic properties. It improves disorders such as asthma, rhinitis, urticaria but also dermatitis and eczema. All these properties have been scientifically confirmed. Perilla seed oil is found in pharmacies and herbalists in the form of a supplement.

Ribes nigrum: The leaves and shoots are rich in antihistamine and anti-inflammatory substances that have an antiallergic action. It has an activity that has been called “cortisonic-like” as it stimulates the secretion of substances with an anti-inflammatory action. The flavonoids and vitamin C contained in the plant help reduce the inflammatory process and stimulate the efficiency of the immune system. To alleviate the symptoms of allergy, the glycerine macerate of ribes nigrum is used. Indicated against hay fever, conjunctivitis and asthmatic bronchitis.

Hyssop: A plant with fluidizing properties, particularly useful in case of allergic rhinitis. Essential oil is normally used. During the day pour 6 drops of essential oil into a diffuser.

Eufrasia, chamomile and Juglans regia: The traditional wrap with two chamomile sachetsmoistened and placed directly on the eyes has a beneficial effect on eye allergies. To alleviate the swelling it is advisable to use the glycerine macerate of Juglans regia.

Rosa canina: Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have long been well known. It is an important remedy in the prevention of respiratory allergies. Furthermore the fruits of the Rosa Canina are a concentrated source of Vitamin C able to contribute to the strengthening of the body’s natural defenses.

Practical advice

  • Consult the flowering calendars to find out the pollination period of the plant to which you are allergic.
  • Don’t walk in fields, meadows or gardens where the grass has been recently cut.
  • Avoid outdoor sports activities during the pollination period,
  • During dry, windy and sunny days, pollen concentrations are higher.
  • The most pollen concentration period occurs between 10 am and 4 pm: in this period it is good to keep the windows and windows of the car closed and avoid walks in the countryside
  • Install a pollen filter on the machine’s conditioner
  • During the day it is advisable to wear dark sunglasses: sunlight greatly increases the discomfort caused to the eyes by allergens.
  • Do not hang out the laundry outdoors: the pollen can be attached to sheets and towels and to the linen that we will put in direct contact with the body.

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