Keeping Healthy at Work in the Winter

Offices have always had a bit of a problem when it comes to illness spreading – people working at close proximity often in small spaces for long periods of time means that germs have a perfect haven if they come into a workplace. In the winter months in particular, it can cause real problems when numerous people go off sick and lead to staff shortages.

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Now that we are in a pandemic and everyone is heading back into the office, it is important that we pay extra care and attention to doing the best we can to protect staff from being exposed to illness in the workplace, especially as we head into the winter months which is when our old friend the flu usually will make an appearance.

So what can you do as winter approaches to make sure that the workplace is as safe as possible?

Having the office cleaned regularly by a professional like this Office Cleaning Cheltenham company Providing office cleaning in Cheltenham and the surrounding area is a good idea if you want to keep the place hygienic.

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Good ventilation is also really important when it comes to preventing illnesses – during the winter having windows closed and heating on can mean that germs can thrive so look into air filters to keep in the office especially if it’s quite a small space.

Hand washing and cleaning is another top way to stop germs spreading – make sure that there is plenty of soap and water available, as well as alcohol-based hand gel especially in areas where things are touched frequently such as doorways.

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