How to store kiwi

The kiwis are delicious fruits, rich in vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, and copper fibers. Plus, they contain no fat or sodium and are low in calories! However, they can be difficult to store and we have put together some tips for you to enjoy this great fruit for a long time.

Kiwi, or, more correctly, Actinidia chinensis, is an easy to grow plant, very vigorous and generous, but it has the characteristic of being a “climacteric” fruit. In fact, like apples, pears, bananas, peaches, and other fruits, it continues to ripen even if detached from the plant. In fact, kiwis are often harvested even if their ripening has not completely occurred.

Before thinking about how to preserve kiwifruit, therefore, it is often necessary to complete their maturation. To do this, it is enough to put them in a bag with other fruit (preferably apples and bananas) so as to exploit the emission of ethylene, responsible for rapid ripening.

If, on the other hand, you want to slow down their ripening, it will be necessary to proceed in reverse: keep the kiwis away from the other fruit and possibly make sure that each fruit is far from the other.

How to store kiwifruit in the refrigerator

To store and maintain kiwifruit in the short term , the refrigerator is a great method.

Our advice is to put the kiwifruit in a specific food bag such as DuraDiPiù Virosac, specially designed to keep fruit in the refrigerator for a long time.

At this point, you can put the bag in the fridge at a maximum temperature of 5 ° C. This way, the kiwifruit will keep for up to a week.

How to freeze kiwifruit

If, on the other hand, you know that you will not be able to enjoy the kiwifruit purchased within a week, the perfect solution in the freezer.

Wash, peel, dry your kiwis! It is recommended to cut them into slices and place them in the freezer in a special freezing bag such as the Virosac Fridge Bag or in a Virosac tray with a lid. In this way, you can keep them for an indefinite period, but we do not recommend that you exceed 10 months, because beyond this threshold you will lose all the fantastic organoleptic properties of the fruit.

Other methods of storing kiwifruit

One way to preserve even large quantities of kiwifruit over time can be to make jams!

You can keep these for a long time in the glass jars that you have previously sterilized. A little advice from grandma: if kiwis are sour, you can add more sugar and if they are too sweet, you can add lemon juice.

Alternatively, why not make some good and healthy smoothies? You can also freeze these to make smoothies whenever you want. If you feel like going even further in the preparation of this fruit, then there are also jellies and drying!

It is a shame to waste this excellent fruit with a thousand beneficial properties, so make sure you keep your kiwis at their best, and you will never run out.

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