Fatigue and exhaustion

Fatigue and exhaustion? Find the charge again

Natural remedies, advice and strategies of daily well-being to regain the charge in times of fatigue, such as when returning from vacation.

Fatigue and exhaustion

Often feeling tired and tired can happen at certain times of the year or in some particularly stressful phases. Change of season, periods of overwork, or even the end of the holidays and the return from the holidays with the change of habits and daily rhythms.

And that’s how you find yourself saying “I always sleep” without knowing why. Most of the time the causes of physical and mental exhaustion are easy to understand: it is the reaction of our body to a particular stress (we are not talking about asthenia and chronic fatigue that can have more causes that are serious).

For this reason it is sufficient to put into practice a few simple strategies such as remedies for fatigue. Let’s see how to face the day with more energy and how to listen to our real needs. Here are some tips.

Natural remedies against fatigue

Ginseng and rodiola, Rhodiola rosea, together with eleuterococco, Eleutherococcus senticosus, are plants of oriental tradition nowadays known everywhere in the world thanks to the active ingredients that favor the welfare of the organism, improving resistance to fatigue and the body’s ability to adapt to stress. According to a US study presented in Chicago by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, ginseng would help reduce chronic fatigue even in cancer patients.

The scent influences the mood. And the metabolism! Fragrances are able to stimulate nerve centers and memory: choose a perfume that excites you, perhaps combining different essential oils. You can keep it in your bag and spray it on the neck at times when the energy is lowered.

Remedies for sleepiness

For a sprint start starts from breakfast. Energies guaranteed with orange juice and a cup of coffee, during the winter, while a fruit cocktail and centrifuged will help you in the summer.

Try ginger, rich in active ingredients that will help you fight fatigue. Cut a few slices of fresh ginger and boil them in boiling water; then add honey and a lemon lace: you will have an excellent herbal tea as a digestive, able to reactivate the metabolism with a burst of energy.

How to wake up

The irreplaceable ability of the coffee to give the alarm clock is true only in appearance. According to a survey by a team at Duke University Medical Center, consuming 500 milligrams of caffeine throughout the day increases blood pressure and stress. It is not necessary to eliminate the coffee, but it is possible to reduce it and above all to stop considering it indispensable.

For three weeks try replacing it with tea or fruit juice , eating bread and jam instead of the usual croissant, rich in fat, which you can leave as a tempting weekend temptation. You will find that you have more energy and are more active. When you get up, get used to a few minutes of stretching and run in the shower: a regenerating action with which to start the day.

Do physical activity against fatigue: recharge yourself with positive energy

Physical activity speeds up the metabolism and recharges you with energy. Therefore, although it may seem like a contradiction, even light movement helps you against exhaustion.

Nature helps us: cut 30 minutes for yourself to walk in a park, breathing in the open air, resting your eyes while trees and greenery surround you with the vital intensity of natural light.

During the day, when possible, remember to take some time off for your eyes: close your eyelids, gently placing your palms as if to enclose your eyes. Squeeze your eyelids and then relax them, repeatedly. Relax and imagine a strongly dense landscape of peace, perhaps belonging to the last holidays or a place you love. According to some researches, visualizing a serene scene involves brain stimulation: the same reactions produced by the brain during a real action. And you will feel noticeably better.

Remedies against fatigue at the end of the day

Sudden fatigue? Put your favorite song and maybe build a playlist capable of stimulating a good mood, to be turned on whenever the stress comes over you. It takes three minutes, the time of a song: the next break, instead of the usual coffee, you can have the charge of the energy coming back into circulation.

The extra strategy? A big glass of water and a pinch of tiger balm to spread behind the neck. Often headaches and feelings of drowsiness can pass thanks to the right hydration, especially when we live or work in poorly ventilated areas. Furthermore, the tiger balm, which can be purchased in herbal medicine, thanks to the presence of menthol and camphor, is excellent against headaches and fatigue.

The quality of sleep

How do you sleep? Not so much the number of hours, which varies according to the person and the periods of life, but the quality of sleep, is a fundamental variable for our well-being.

We are surrounded by continuous stimuli: at the end of the day, we need to create silence. Resting is sleeping. As well as reading, taking an hour on the couch without doing anything, or doing something we love.

Have you ever noticed that when you do what you like you never get tired? That’s right: let’s learn to find stimuli in what we have to do, we might have the surprise of living an infinitely more emotionally rich everyday life.

Daily wellness strategies

What strategies can we implement on a daily basis to maintain good energy levels and not fall back into perpetual exhaustion? Here are the main ones:

  • Eat well. A diet rich in water, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, to the detriment of fatty foods and more difficult to digest cooking, will promote a feeling of energy and lightness.
  • Working calmly and with concentration (with the phone switched off!), without being prey to stress and chronic lack of time, is a further condition for keeping tiredness at a distance.
  • Take care of yourself gently, enjoying the pleasure of a break or a nap, even a few minutes and in what you do you take your deeper feelings into greater consideration.

We often adapt to the rhythm of a world that does not really belong to us , but the real strategy to defeat fatigue is to start listening to our rhythms . Take a deep breath and become aware of your way of moving in existence. Often fatigue is only the indicator that we must stop to transform something we feel like a burden.

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