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DIY anti-cellulite massage: The most effective techniques to dispose of fat

Stop cellulite with anti-cellulite massage! Seeing them disappear would be your biggest dream, yet you must know that not only a good cream is enough to defeat them. Knowing how to apply it is also important!

We offers you 5 simple gestures for an anti-cellulite massage to be immediately put into practice: it only takes a few minutes, a little patience and you will get excellent results.

In fact, a good massage activates blood and lymphatic circulation, improves cellular exchanges and facilitates the elimination of toxins. In addition, it is important to perform it regularly, at least once a day, for about ten minutes and preferably after a shower or bath, on dry skin.

To start, put a small amount of product in the palm of your hands and massage it on your legs, thighs, inner thigh and buttocks.

Remember that anti-cellulite cream should always be applied on …

  • Legs: Making circular movements clockwise and from bottom to top. Always start from the outside thigh inwards, then go up towards the hips and up to the belly;
  • Pelvis: Massaging as if to draw large circles with the palm of the hand well open and ‘flat’.

Anti-cellulite massage: 5 effective techniques to dispose of fat

1- Touching technique

Slide your fingers on the skin with light touches, from the bottom up and with circular movements. Repeat the massage with the palm of your hand, always gently touching the skin.

What it is for? To prepare the skin.

2 – Kneading technique

With the thumb and two fingers of each hand pinch the skin, then rotate it with your thumbs with a kneading movement.

What it is for? To improve cellular exchanges and to activate microcirculation.

3 – Anti-cellulite massage: Iron technique

Place your hands flat, thumbs open, on your thighs and buttocks. Take the skin between the fingers of the right hand and the left hand and apply a twist by directing the skin in opposite directions.

What it is for? To relax muscle mass and restore elasticity to the skin.

4 – Anti-cellulite massage: Deep friction technique

Use your fingers to exert pressure on the areas to be massaged in circular clockwise movements. The gestures must be performed perpendicular to the muscles.

What it is used for? To improve blood circulation and to promote oxygenation of the tissues.

5 – Anti-cellulite massage: Tapping technique

With his hands closed in a fist, he makes light but regular and decisive strokes. Remember that a good massage should not leave bruises on the skin. Avoid the inner thigh.

What it is for? To reactivate blood circulation.

Anti-cellulite massage: More advice

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It is essential to help your body dispose of excess fluids: even before cellulite, water retention is your real enemy.
  • Move and play sports : a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of cellulite. If you don’t have time, walk or take a few minutes a day to do some simple home exercise.
  • Eat healthy, avoid fatty and fried foods, and needless to say … follow our diet!

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