Brown rice flour

Brown rice flour : white or wholemeal for gluten free recipes

Perhaps not everyone knows, but there are many varieties of rice flour, and each one can be best used in gluten free recipes.


Rice flour is obtained by grinding the grains of this completely gluten-free cereal. The grain can be ground entirely, and then we will obtain a brown rice flour , or without the outer shell, and in this case we will have a “white” flour . The type of grinding also affects the quality of the flour: a finer grain size makes the flour fine and impalpable, a coarser one will give a more “raw” flour.


But which rice flour is better to choose at the supermarket? It all depends on what you are cooking, and also on your taste . In fact, brown rice flour is usually tastier, and has a fuller, slightly toasted taste. The normal and finely ground one, on the other hand, is more delicate, and leaves room for the other ingredients. In many recipes, rice flour can easily replace soft wheat flour in even very elaborate preparations, starting from pizza up to homemade pasta or desserts of all kinds , including biscuits.

Here are some suggestions for using the different varieties of rice flour that you find on the market.


It is ideal for rustic dishes, such as savory pies with vegetables or homemade pasta , but it is also perfect for wholemeal desserts. We have already talked about an excellent product, Probios wholemeal flour .

Free gives you two tips for two first courses. The strascinati recipe already includes wholemeal flour for making the pasta. For orecchiette, or other types of pasta, the generic indication of flour leaves the field free to use that of brown rice, for a final result with a more intense flavor.


This is the “jolly” rice flour . Normal grain size, not excessively persistent flavor. Always prefer one obtained from organically grown rice, and use it to prepare anything you want, for example the much loved pizza. Here is a recipe a little tastier than usual:


The most silky texture of this flour, which hydrates more easily compared to other varieties, makes it ideal to thicken creams, puddings and liquid preparations. For example, it is perfect for a classic béchamel, but also try it for perfect shortbread . Here are two recipes to use it in an original way:


It is a very fine flour with a high starch content, so it is perfect for sticky compounds, the only warning, it must be dosed with care. Don’t be fooled by the name, it is completely gluten-free and is ideal for making doughs compact.

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