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6 Tips To Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

Inflammation is a natural process that helps fight injuries and infections. At times, an inflammatory response can occur without an illness or injury to fight, and that’s where the problem arises. Chronic inflammation can lead to heart disease, dementia, cancer, and diabetes.

Exercise Regularly

Having regular exercises is a major way to prevent inflammation. Ensure you exercise daily, such as walking, running, skipping rope, or doing yoga.

Take Green Tea

Even if you like having coffee, it is important to have green tea often. This tea contains antioxidants that help suppress inflammation. It also prevents oxidative stress that causes inflammation. Recent research shows that products such as broad spectrum CBG also help to prevent inflammation.

Keep Away From Stress

People who have emotional reactions to stressful things have a higher chance of inflammation.  This is because when one is agitated, the body experiences greater interleukin-6 circulation. Stress also affects blood pressure and heart rate, which increases inflammation.

Control Your Weight

Obesity or adding weight is a major cause of inflammation. Tame your weight by checking what you eat and being active. A study by Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise showed that busy people have the lowest inflammation compared to those who remain inactive.

Get Enough Sleep

Health experts recommend 7-8 hours of continuous sleep for adults. Failure to honor that may trigger inflammation even if you are healthy. You can also prevent inflammation by getting enough rest.

Enjoy a Massage

Most people take massage as just a treat, but it is part of living healthily. A good massage lowers inflammation-promoting hormones and increases the white blood cells in the body. It also helps reduce stress levels in the body.

If you don’t exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep, massage, and have too much stress, your body response will trigger inflammation. Always ensure to exercise and stay active.

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