10 tips to have a good sleep

10 tips to have a good sleep

In today’s world who else and who less, we have all had problems sleeping and falling asleep at some time. The causes of this can be in labor, family problems and other things that prevent us from disconnecting the head. But we can assure you, that they are not the only things that can take away your sleep and above all make the quality of your rest much worse. For this, we give you 10 tips to sleep well and rest better.

Surely you have experienced more than once that horrible feeling of getting up tired, heavy and with very little desire to start the day and is that we need a good rest to be able to face a day that surely will be full of activity.

Hard bed or soft bed, with a pillow or without it, we all need to sleep around eight hours a day, but also, this time that we spend sleeping can be more or less repairing.

We give you below a list of tips to reconcile well the dream and to get this gives you the best rest:

  • Have a regular schedule
  • Make a light dinner
  • Do not perform mental activities before going to bed
  • Breathe and feel the body
  • Give yourself a good warm bath before going to bed
  • Avoid exciting
  • Do regular physical exercise
  • Leave the problems out of bed
  • Read a book before sleeping.
  • Have the best conditions
  1. Have a regular schedule: The body is a fairly customary system to maintain the rhythms and customs in a way that anticipates the events if we accustomed them to always happen at the same time. It is what we know as circadian rhythms. In this way, if we always go to bed at 12 o’clock at night, the body will lower its level of activity as this hour approaches.
  2. Make a light dinner: They have a heavy digestion that will make it difficult for the body to deepen in sleep and rest because somehow we need all our vital energy to carry out this deepening in the dream. If we make a dinner too copious and heavy a good part of our energy will be dedicated to its digestion and we will not be able to deepen the dream. That is why the ideal is to eat very little and easily digested food.
  3. Do not perform mental activities before going to bed: There is nothing worse to be able to conciliate the dream than to have the rational and conscious part activated since this will prevent us from going deeper into the world of the unconscious, that is, into the dream. If we perform mentally demanding activities or take for example work or the computer to bed, this will make it difficult for the frontal lobe, where the rational activity resides, to be more stimulated, making it difficult for us to reconcile the dream and delve deeper into it.
  1. Breathe and feel the body: In this way, there is no better way to turn off the head than to light the body. So, we can do some relaxation exercise before going to bed or simply focus all our attention on the bodily sensations and soft and calm breathing. This will help us relax and separate ourselves from all kinds of dangerous ideas and thoughts when going to sleep.
  2. Give yourself a good warm bath before going to bed: The water and even more if it is hot has a powerful dilating and relaxing effect on our organism putting it in perfect disposition for rest.
  3. Avoid exciting: It does not make much sense to say it is obvious but take during the day (it does not have to be at night) coffee, tea, cola or other exciting, will make our nervous system is more activated and altered by hampering the relaxation necessary to sleep and above all to rest properly.

    Read a book before sleeping
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  4. Do regular physical exercise: The physical exercise has multiple benefits for rest and sleep but among them, the purge and elimination of the emotional energy that during the day we have been able to accumulate stands out. In addition, it stimulates the secretion of endorphins and other substances that generate a sensation of physical and emotional well-being suitable for rest. What is certainly not advisable is that this physical exercise is performed in the hours close to night since it generates an activation that will take a few hours to decrease and turn off, so that if we perform physical exercise near bedtime we will do it overstimulated and excited.
  5. Leave the problems out of bed: It is clear that when one has family, work or couple problems, it is really difficult to bring and forget shine at the time of going to bed, but it is clear that it will not be at that moment when we find the solution to these problems. In addition to the rest of the advice we give you in this article aimed at turning off your head, we propose in this case to direct your thoughts to projects ideas or situations that are pleasant and exciting to you, you are much less exciting the nervous system. And allow us to lower little by little our level of mental activity.
  6. Read a book before sleeping: The reading always when it is not related to the study or does not require an activity of understanding and reasoning elevated as is the case of a novel, active in our brain in a way much more linked to the imagination and more connected in that sense with the unconscious also helping us to separate ourselves from our reality and its problems.
  7. Have the best conditions: A good mattress, a comfortable pillow suitable for our needs, breathable and clean bedding and pajamas and a well-ventilated bedroom, also contribute to generate a framework and favorable conditions for rest and make sleeping and sleeping more enjoyable or pleasant.

Sleeping well is essential; it provides joy, energy, and vitality to face the day and makes our brain more agile, connected and ready to respond. ‘Lauren from doctor4u said “For those who have regular sleeping problems, consider using Zopiclone. This treats bad bouts of insomnia and guarantees a good night sleep.”‘


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