Thirteen easy steps to have a home spa

Thirteen easy steps to have a home spa

Because a beautiful woman is a woman who is in contact with nature, here are thirteen easy steps to have a home spa given below.

  1. The first commandment of a home spa: keep in mind that secrets abound in nature so that women stay beautiful.
  2. It is necessary to be alone. The idea of a spa is to recreate a climate of silence and tranquility.
  3. It is recommended to choose a spacious and quiet place; if you can, as close to a garden.
  4. Lighting is fundamental. Use the thin cloth to cover windows and light bulbs. The colored candles also serve to generate a feeling of welcome; the green ones recreate a natural space.
  5. Environmental music cannot miss. The volume should be moderate enough as if it were to accompany a nap.
  6. In the space, there must be a bed or furniture where you can lie down. Spa without a massage is not a spa and to be comfortable you should be comfortable from head to toe.

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  7. An infusion of eucalyptus and cinnamon may be the ideal companion for sweetening the air. First, they should be boiled in a pot so that the essence stays for more than an hour in the enclosure.
  8. The massage should begin on the tips of the feet. With open hands, you must make circular and ascending movements. Patience plays an important role. The sense of tranquility does not come instantly; depends in part on concentration and the natural environment.
  9. Exfoliation (face cleansing and rejuvenation) and bathing are the cornerstones of the spa. For both, there are various natural treatments. In the case of the first citrus fruits like lemon and orange contain sorbic acid, which helps to open pores, and glycolic acid that brings sugar soften the skin.
  10. Because each dermis is different, doctors warn that it is best not to mix the fruits in a single mask. One by one the effect is more immediate and the risk of irritation is minimal.
  11. The bathroom can be done in a shower or in a bathtub. The possibilities in the two cases vary; in the shower, you must constantly change the temperature of the water to stimulate circulation in the blood. In the bathtub, you can mix sea salt, oats and oil to soften the skin.
  12. To dry once the bath is finished, towels of good quality must be used.
  13. The skin is the main indicator that there was actually spa at home. Of its hydration and freshness depends on the relaxation.


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