Lead a fitness life with 14 simple strategies

Lead a fitness life with 14 simple strategies

Tired of putting all your work in the gym and not getting the expected results? Many people show determination and constant effort, but do not reach their goals. If this sounds familiar, the next logical step is usually to find an experienced personal trainer. But, if you are not yet ready to take that step, or if you just prefer to do it alone, here are 14 tips and strategies that will help you build strength, gain muscle mass, lose fat, increase your endurance, and maintain healthy eating habits. In this post, we give you some strategies to lead a fitness life. These strategies are given below.

14 Strategies to lead a fitness life:

  • Basic nutritional concepts
  • Schedule meals
  • Eat more
  • Eat consciously
  • Fundamentals in the construction of muscles
  • Don’t cheat
  • Up and down
  • Cardio
  • Supplements
  • Endurance training
  • Go little by little
  • The effort for resistance
  • Fight against fatigue
  • Strength training Foundations of strengthening
  1. Basic nutritional concepts: If you ask almost any dietitian-nutritionist, they will tell you that, regardless of your training goals, nutrition is a determining factor in your progress. Food is the fuel that helps you achieve your goals and without adequate nutrition through quality food, it is very likely that your ponds. Forget about shakes and supplements until you have your daily diet well planned. Your diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, legumes, proteins (do not forget the vegetables) and fats (in addition to olive oil you have available avocados, nuts, salmon …)
  2. Schedule meals: Regardless of what you are doing, prepare your food in advance and you will have a greater opportunity to achieve your goals. The best thing is that you prepare today’s food the day before. With this, we will make sure that we do not eat anything or skip meals.
  3. Eat more: Eating less can harm your performance in the gym and lower your metabolism (reducing the energy consumption at rest).
  4. Eat consciously: Forget about eating in front of the TV or sending whatsapps. If you eat accompanied, in a quiet environment and conversing, you will enjoy much more of the food. Disconnect from the daily frenzy, take your time and enjoy the moment.
  5. Fundamentals in the construction of muscles: If you talk to any personal trainer, they will tell you that there are certain basic elements in muscle building. First of all, you may need to increase the intake of complete proteins, although with the western diet we tend to be well served. In the gym you train with weights two to four times a week, it depends on your previous preparation and your available time. Never underestimate the importance of rest. Remember, muscle tissue grows out of the gym, when you’re giving the body time to relax and let it recover.
  6. Don’t cheat: Do not take shortcuts to want immediate results. In each training session, go beyond where you usually go.
  7. Up and down: Do you wonder how to get the most out of lifting weights? Start with a standard weight in your first session. Between the second and third series the weight increases by 30 or 40% more. If you can no longer after 20 seconds is that you have put too much weight.

    Lifting weights
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  8. Cardio: Do you like cardio exercises? If yes, you should know that when you are building muscle, you do not have to do large amounts of cardiovascular exercises. Jogging a few days a week for 20 minutes is enough.
  9. Supplements: Some people believe that supplements play a key role in muscle gain. Some have proven efficacy such as caffeine, but before you get there to focus on your daily diet.
  10. Endurance training: When it comes to resistance training, you will have to be well hydrated and be sure that you are eating properly because this form of training is very demanding on the body. And to increase aerobic capacity there is nothing better than intense work at intervals. You probably end up sweating and you burn a lot of calories.
  11. Go little by little: Yes, you want to put in 2 months super hunk. But this does not work like that. Your body needs a time for adaptations of all kinds (muscular, circulatory …) to take place. If you start too strong you risk injury or “burn” before you start seeing results. We recommend that you take it as a background race and make it a lifestyle change.
  12. The effort for resistance: To advance your resistance training, you need to make a total effort. You must reach muscle exhaustion. Push-ups, pull-ups, squat exercise. If all these movements are mastered in high intensity and repetitions, the muscles will be conditioned and the resistance will increase significantly.
  13. Fight against fatigue: To reduce fatigue it is important that after training you take something to recover quickly and encourage muscle synthesis. Technically you will have to take a meal with a 3: 1 or 4: 1 ratio of carbohydrates and proteins. But a sandwich of ham and a juice or rice with milk and a fruit can be good options, easy to take and to eat in any place.
  14. Strength training Foundations of strengthening: According to personal trainers, if you want to build strength, you have to set goals and be patient. In the early stages, it is important to be aware of it and follow the established plan. When you’re in the gym do not get distracted. When leaving the gym, make sure you get adequate rest and keep track of your progress.

 We hope that these strategies will help you to lead a fitness life. 


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