funniest fitness activities

The 10 funniest fitness activities

Exercising does not have to be boring. Nowadays, the options have multiplied and gyms offer fun and healthy training sessions that adapt to the tastes and physical needs of each one. The fitness activities idea is to enjoy while moving and exercising the body.

Review our list with the most fun fitness activities and get fit!


funniest fitness activities

In this aerobic activity different fitness activities exercises are performed with the help of a giant ball. These exercises are indicated, above all, for people who suffer lumbar or postural pain . The fitball is very beneficial to improve balance and to learn to control the stability of the body.

Hooping Fun exercises with a hula hoop:

funniest fitness activities

In a hooping session, the joints and the abdomen are worked and strengthened while exercising concentration and coordination.

Balance Swing:

funniest fitness activities

Jumping on a trampoline can be a fun and healthy way to play sports. Swing balance helps you lose weight and improve physical endurance. It also helps strengthen the gluteus, legs and abdomen. The development of concentration and balance are also worked in a session of this activity.

Boot camp:

funniest fitness activities

This modality uses techniques of military training. The sessions are usually outdoors, in groups and with an instructor. In a workout, different exercises are performed, including jumps, push-ups, climbing a wall or exercises in which you have to cut firewood. The boot camp helps improve the physical condition and works the character and strength of the participants.

Pole dance:

funniest fitness activities

The goal is to improve flexibility and coordination while toning the body in a fun and sensual way. And that is, this activity consists of performing a series of acrobatic movements in a vertical bar (such as striptease ) to the rhythm of the music.

Indoor Climbing:

funniest fitness activities

This type of climbing allows you to practice sport in a covered center where you do not have to worry about time or light. Ascents and exercises are always carried out with harnesses in the artificial climbing walls. This sport helps strengthen and tone the arms, legs and torso. In addition, balance and coordination are improved.

Aero yoga:

funniest fitness activities

It is the union of pilates, yoga and acrobatics in cloth. This modality consists of performing yoga exercises while suspended in the air with the help of a harness. This allows to perform the movements of classical yoga in a more controlled and simple way. With the practice of this sport you get to tone and strengthen muscles and joints.


funniest fitness activities

This fun combination of Latin dance and aerobic exercises helps tone the whole body while developing greater resistance and losing weight. The different rhythms that are heard during a session and the choreographer’s instructions manage to de-stress and release tension.


funniest fitness activities

Combination of kickboxing with African tribal dances, capoheira and step . Bowka sessions help improve cardiorespiratory endurance, increase muscle strength and exercise flexibility.


funniest fitness activities

(Dance, dance revolution). Thanks to the games you can practice any sport or take part in an aerobics class from home. The latest is the DDR a dance platform that is pressed with the feet to the rhythm of the music and the visual pattern that appears on the screen.

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