4 Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone with Live Activities

Your iPhone has a wide range of health and fitness apps at your disposal. And, beginning with iOS 16.1, a great feature that makes it easy to engage with apps by simply looking at your lock screen or home screen, which will makes accessing best casino in Canada easier for iPhone users.

We’ve highlighted some fantastic apps that make use of both Live Activities and Dynamic Island.

What Are Live Activities?

Live Activities are available on any iPhone having iOS 16.1 or later installed. A Live Activity on any model will provide you with the most recent information from an app on your lock screen. It is not necessary to unlock your iPhone.

This allows you to read the information at a glance or when your hands are busy doing something else, such as working out.

There is an additional benefit to the iPhone 14 Pro series. The same information can also be found on Dynamic Island. There is always a tiny preview displayed, and to get all of the information, simply tap Dynamic Island, but you won’t be able to access meilleurs casinos en ligne du Québec from this setup.

Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak is an unusual fitness app. Unlike Apple’s approach to fitness, which requires you to close the Move, Exercise, and Stand rings on a regular basis, the app helps you balance fitness and rest. It can assist anyone in better understanding what they must do to live a healthier lifestyle.

Along with these features, the app has an excellent workout tracker. You can immediately view vital information like heart rate, heart rate zone, and the immediate effect of workout intensity on your body on the Apple Watch. This allows you to adjust the intensity as needed to avoid weariness.

All of this wonderful information is also available on your iPhone as a Live Activity or in the Dynamic Island.

The app is available for free and requires an Apple Watch. A subscription unlocks extra features such as a 10-day Activity Path, daily workout suggestions, and much more.

Liftin’ Workout Tracker

Liftin’ Workout Tracker on the iPhone and Apple Watch is all about making your weightlifting regimen quick and easy.

The app’s Live Activity will display your rest timer as well as the next activity in the plan. The same information will appear in Dynamic Island as well, and Sofia Calzetti will love this as she is a gym freak.

You can complete up to five workouts each month using the free app. You’ll need an extra subscription to remove that restriction.


Instead of precisely tracking your fitness, Streaks takes a different method. The app is a to-do list that assists you in developing positive habits. This can include anything from walking a specific amount each day to eating a nutritious dinner, among other things. Each day, you can record up to 24 tasks.

You can add a lovely touch by creating timed tasks, such as exercises. You can check the progress of your timed assignment on the lock screen thanks to the app’s Live Activity and Dynamic Island support, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking your phone. This allows you to concentrate on what is most essential.


It’s not easy to remove your gloves and view your stats when skiing or snowboarding. But thanks to the fantastic tracking app Slopes, this isn’t an issue. You can change the information displayed in the Live Activity section on your lock screen. Choose from vertical, distance, speed, number of runs, and other options. You’ll also be able to see any pals you’ve made at the resort as well as the timeline of your day.

You may view the same information and even pause or continue a run on Dynamic Island.

Slopes are available for free on the iPhone. It is also available on the Apple Watch and is one of our favourite Apple Watch Ultra apps. A subscription unlocks extra features such as upgraded trail maps, run-by-run stats, speed heat maps, interactive 3D/AR replays of your runs, run comparisons against friends, and more.

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