Increase muscle weight

Increase muscle weight with 10 easy exercises

It has always been believed that to be able to increase muscle weight it is necessary to fasten yourself in a gym with weights and machines. Although this is true, it is also possible to increase muscle weight without them. You must perform exercises in which your body is your own weight.

Of course, you have to take into account that the process to increase muscle weight is much slower.

You need many hours of work, dedication, and effort to avoid stagnation. It will not be easy, neither with the machines or weights, but certainly, they allow it to be a little faster.

This type of exercise in which you want to increase your muscle mass is ideal for people who do not have time to go to the gym, but who want to be in shape always.

If you do not have machines and you cannot buy weights or dumbbells, it is possible to do so. In this article, we will give you 10 exercises to increase muscle weight.

Do not be discouraged by reading that it is a slower process than if you do it with machines.

It is possible to counteract it with the increase of series and repetitions. In this way, you avoid falling into the dreaded stalemate. That is the biggest problem that people face when they want to have more muscle mass than the current one.

We are sure that you will be able to increase muscle mass if you combine these 10 exercises very well throughout the week. In fact, you can do a kind of circuits in which you work several of them per day.

Even several of these exercises have variants that you can apply over time and so you increase in difficulty.

Here the important thing is the commitment that you feel with yourself to perform these routines at least about 3 times a week. Remember that rest is very important in muscle growth.

After this small motivation and to clarify how the panorama will be. We are not going to give more laps and you get down to work.

These are 10 exercises you can perform to increase muscle weight without the need to use machines or weights:

10 Exercises to Gain Muscle

  • Squats
  • Strides
  • Abdominals
  • Dips
  • Push-ups
  • Climb and descend stairs
  • Steps
  • Leg extensions
  • Bulgarian squatting
  • Jumps

1. Squats to increase muscle weight

Yes, the squats will help you increase muscle mass.

This exercise, despite being one of the most basic exercises available, allows working several muscle groups, which over time are toned and also grow.

With squats, you can work your entire body. The legs, the abdomen, the arms and of course the glutes. This is one of the muscles that benefit the most when performed consistently.

One of the best news with squats is that you can make some variants, either with your arms or with the depth when you get off. So, you will be able to do it for a long time without there being a stalemate.

The correct way to do squats is very important. Since the position is fundamental to have the expected results.

So you do some squats correctly:

You stand firm, with your back very straight.

Legs slightly open no more than the width of the shoulders.

Then bend the knees and lower, always keeping the back straight, without bending.

Your arms can help with balance by placing them forward while performing the downward movement.

Then you return to stand firm, erect.Squats to increase muscle weight

2. Strides to increase muscle weight

The strides allow you to work the entire lower body train. The legs are the most benefited with the increase in muscle mass when you perform this exercise frequently.

The quadriceps and the calf, as well as the buttocks and the abdomen, if you make the right pressure, are the main muscles that benefit from the strides.

The fact that it is a basic exercise does not mean that it does not result in results. Just like squats you should take care of your posture.

To make the strides correctly you must:

Stand straight, with the body upright.

You take a step forward; take care not to make such a wide stride.

The other leg remains firm and then flexes and falls.

Be careful not to hit the knee on the floor and return to the starting position.

Here the back should always be right so you do not get hurt.

If the squats are fabulous strides too. Especially since you can make multiple variants, either backward or to the sides, which allow you to work other muscle groups of the legs such as the obliques, abductors and the posterior.


3. Abdominals to increase muscle weight

If you want an exercise that helps you have a perfectly marked abdomen. With a defined six-pack there is nothing better than abs.

You’re going to work this entire area very well.

To do the abdominals it is important that you use a blanket or mat so that you do not lie on the floor directly. This way you do not hurt your back. You must lie down, with your legs bent and your arms behind your neck.

You lift the trunk until the push-ups.

Try not to strain your neck so you do not injure that area. The arms are important because they serve as an impulse when you get up.

If in addition to doing the normal abs, you also perform sideways can eliminate all the fat you have in the belly and that is the main headache for people who want to look good.

4. Dips to increase muscle weight

This is an exercise in which you will need a chair or some surface that you can support, that is slightly high.

Here you will be able to work your arms a lot (both biceps and triceps) and shoulders. So that your whole body is in harmony and toned in the right way.

You stand on your back with respect to the object that you are going to support with the palms of your hand. Your legs should be stretched and the heel on the floor. Then bend the elbow and make the movement of going up and down. Your body will be your own weight.

Take care that your buttocks do not hit the ground and also your back should always be straight to prevent you from getting hurt. Dips to increase muscle weight

5. Push-ups to increase muscle weight

To this exercise, many names are given. Each country calls it in one way, but the goal is the same. Work biceps, triceps, chest and abdominal area.

Lying face down on the floor, you support the palms of the hands on the floor and with your legs well stretched you hold the tips of your feet. You must have arms at a distance no greater than the shoulders. Then you flex your arms.

If you put your arms more inside than your shoulders, you work your chest much more. Here the important thing is to always have a straight back and bend the elbows well so that the muscles work properly.

6. Climb and descend stairs to increase muscle weight

Yes, as you are reading it. If you have stairs in your house, take advantage so that you can develop your legs better. You must do it for more than 10 minutes and in a constant rhythm. It requires concentration to prevent an accident from occurring.

With the passage of time to add a little more difficulty, you can climb two steps and so you will have to make a greater effort. Remember that it is not only doing this one exercise but that it is about several.Climb and descend stairs to increase muscle weitght

7. Steps to increase muscle weight

With a step or if you have a box that is not very high, you can use it. This is about uploading them, but only supporting you on the edge and you perform a contraction in the calves so you can work this muscle that is one of the most complicated to achieve.

You can also hold for 5 seconds and then lower. In this way repeat the movement up to about 20 times per leg in 3 sets. This is about doing this exercise many times so that it takes effect. The volume plays a fundamental factor.

8. Leg extensions to increase muscle weight

Lying on the floor, resting your hands on the floor and knees too. Take your leg back, until you stretch it to the maximum, and then raise it slightly. Here you will work not only the glutes but the posterior muscle and the calves. You can use weights behind your knees or on your ankles to increase the difficulty.

9. Bulgarian squatting to increase muscle weight

It is a variation of squats, only this time one of the legs is placed on a chair or a bench. With the other leg, you will go down. This adds to the difficulty of exercise and develops much more leg muscles.

10. Jumps to increase muscle weight

Jumping on a box or forward, with your body as an impulse is one of the best exercises for the strengthening and development of the legs. Here you must find distances and heights that are within your reach and perform it in 2 sets of 20 repetitions to get the expected result.

All these exercises you can start with 2 sets of 10 repetitions, except the recommendation that we made in them. With the passage of time increases both repetitions and series.Jumps to increase muscle weight

Take care of food

If you want to increase muscle mass there are several aspects that you should take into account. Although the exercises are basic and fundamental, you must also take care of your diet. You must increase your protein intake and lower your fat intake.

The protein helps the synthesis of the muscles when they are required. Your diet should be based on chicken breast and turkey, which are lean meats par excellence. Also vegetables and vegetables. Eggs should also be several days of your diet.

You will see that with a good combination of exercises and feed you can increase muscle weight.

We hope you will like these 10 exercises to increase muscle weight, we want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Wish you a very happy new year.



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