firm the buttocks

5 exercises to firm the buttocks

For a side B tonic, here are the most effective exercises to firm the buttocks. But cycling is not always possible. It also suffers from the gravity and relaxation that time generates on our body.

To keep it hard and still shape it, there are specific exercises that help and that you can also do on the carpet at home.

Here are the most effective and simple ones: minimum effort, maximum yield to firm the buttocks …

1. Lunge forward with weights

It is among the best exercises for firming the buttocks, but it is essential to have additional, perhaps progressive, loads. So if for the first week you may not have them, then get some weights to increase slowly. Standing, arms at your sides, take a step forward keeping your back straight, in your hand you will have the incremental weights, nothing for the first 7 days, then 1 kg, then 2 kg, you can go up to 3 or 4. Execute 10 lunges per leg for at least 4 or 5 sets.

2. Lateral impulses

Extremely simple but highly effective. While standing, legs together, use a support so as not to lose your balance and keep your back straight. Hold your foot in a hammer and raise your leg sideways upward and then return to position. First one leg and then repeat with the other. Also for this reason progressive weights should be used to be put on the ankles. It is necessary to make 10 thrusts per side and at least 4 sets for each leg.

3. Moments and contractions

Get on all fours, straight back parallel to the floor, hands as wide as the shoulders. Now bend your knee towards your chest and then lift your leg upwards keeping it at 90 degrees and hammer foot. Repeat this movement about ten times and then switch to the other leg. Still in the same position, lift the leg outwards keeping it at a right angle. Again to be repeated 10 times per side and perform 4 or 5 series.

4. Bridge

Lie down on the ground, bend your knees and place your feet firmly on the ground. Arms at your sides and hands on the ground. Now spread your legs a little and lift your pelvis upwards, arching your back too, creating a bridge shape with your body. Return to the ground. 10 movements in a row, then rest. For good efficacy, at least 4 or 5 series.

5. Step up

For this exercise you need a step, a stool or a rise of about 40cm on which to rest. Get to about 30cm away and now go up first with one foot and then with the other always returning to the initial position. You need to contract your buttocks well by helping you with your hands alive. Run for about 5 minutes, take a break.

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