Cardio Training or Strength Training?

Many argue about the fact that it is better and faster to burn fats. Fans of treadmills and rope claim that cardio training is much more effective for weight loss. Those who prefer dumbbells and a bar believe on the contrary, that only force exercises can burn fat to the maximum. Let’s see which one is right …

Cardio training

Indeed, aerobic exercise sets a good pace for the body to accelerate the burning of fats. Exchange processes in the body also increase their speed. But, as it was proved by scientists, only after 20 minutes of intensive training the body starts using fats as fuel. Such training perfectly copes with the improvement of the cardiovascular system, the work of the lungs and the entire respiratory system. Not necessarily exercises with great effort.

Our body will burn fats even with ordinary walking. Only use as an energy of fats, it will begin after a three-hour walk in the usual way. Before that, you only used glucose. But this is not bad because excess sugar is also stored in fats. The only problem in cardio training is that after one hour of intensive training, the body uses and protein, that is the building material of your muscles. This is easy to prove by an illustrative example. Let’s take a favorite run. Look at the runner for long distances – this is a skinny, wiry man. Look at the runner for short distances – a powerful, far from lean, overgrown muscle pile man.

Here to you and the answer. The runner at long distances experiences not fewer loads in general than the runner at a short distance but does it less intensively and continuously. It all depends on what kind of result you want to achieve. However, you do not need to rush to extremes to look like professional athletes. You need to devote your life to your life and if you are afraid to take some form after your studies, do not worry – 3 or 4 times a week will not make you a lean runner or a huge weightlifter if the classes are moderate.

  1. The training should last at least 40 minutes
  2. Training should be intensive and continuous
  3. Do not exercise more than 1 hour at a time. It is better to divide the workout into two approaches – in the morning and in the evening

Strength training

Many women, doing exercise in the gym with the goal of losing weight very often bypass the shells designed for strength exercises. After all, they came to lose weight, and not to pump up muscles. And this is their main misconception. First, very rare women manage to build up a good muscle mass. Usually, you have to take special medications for this. This is because the female body contains hormones responsible for muscle growth, in very small numbers, unlike men. Secondly, the muscles – this is the main shop for burning fats in the body. The more your muscle mass, the better your fats are burned, so you need not only to lose extra pounds of fat, but also to build up muscles at the same time. If you are taking up strength-training exercises, then you should consume Hordenine supplement to work well. You can consider consuming the compound a little before your training session to avail its full benefits.

Strength training is very important for those who want to lose weight. Undoubtedly, aerobic workouts burn more fats during training, but as soon as you stop doing, the burning process stops. Unlike aerobic exercise, strength training allows you to burn fat for a long time after training. This is due to the acceleration of metabolism, the level of which lasts about 6 hours after exercise and gradually decreases to a normal level. Would you be able to do aerobics for 6 hours, or at least three? Even if there are such brave souls, together with fat they will lose muscle mass after the first hour of training. And this we do not need because we already know that the muscles are our assistants in the fight against excess fat.

There are several rules of strength training that will help you lose excess pounds:

  1. Reduce the rest time between sets (sets) from 3 minutes to 1 minute
  2. Perform exercises on one group of muscles throughout the entire workout
  3. Once a week, exercise loads on all muscle groups during one workout
  4. Engage in the morning, metabolism is most active during this period of the day
  5. Do not eat for two hours before training, and do not drink for an hour (only water for half an hour before training)
  6. Use dumbbells and weights such that in one approach you can make no more than 10 repetitions


Today, all in one voice argue that a better approach requires an integrated approach. Namely, a combination of cardio training and power loads. Cardio-training, as already mentioned above, sets a good pace of metabolism in the body; improve the body as a whole. But in order for you to burn excess calories in a state of rest and bring your muscles into tone, thereby sharpening the reliefs of your body, making it elastic and beautiful, you just need power loads. The recipe for a beautiful and healthy body is very simple – about 40 minutes of cardio training, about 40 minutes of exercise. Yes, and do not forget to rest, it is at this time formed muscle mass. Good luck and success!

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