Arm Workouts

Arm Workouts: Effective exercises for toned arms

Like the abdominal and the buttocks, the arms are a part of the body that we all dream of having toned, but unfortunately it is often the first victim of a weight gain or a loss of weight, of poor physical activity and of advancing age. Here are some arm workouts to say goodbye to flabby arms.

The accumulation of fat on the arms is also, in many cases, linked to genetic factors or hormonal problems and the first rule to adopt is to change nutrition and moderate the consumption of fat.

It is on the arms that goes to store the excess fat. Furthermore, at this point the skin is very thin and, especially if you forget to constantly moisturize it, it becomes even less elastic and less toned.

The first remedy against flaccid arms is hydration! After showering, always remember to moisturize your skin using almond oil. Bring your arm up, bend your elbow and massage with oil, pinching yourself to stimulate circulation.

The summer solution: swimming – especially the frog and freestyle – is ideal for sculpting the muscles of the arms, so if you go to the beach this summer make some nice daily swims to tone up your arms.

Arm workouts: Triceps and Biceps

The arms are supported by muscles, the triceps, positioned in the back.

These are muscle groups that are scarcely stressed during daily activities and therefore tend to relax and appear to be less tonic if not properly stimulated: it is the classic “curtain effect” with which women especially, at any age, fight.

To avoid the trembling of the triceps, it is important to run for cover with specific arm workouts that go to make this muscle work, giving it a more compact and tonic look.

But it is not just a question of triceps: even the biceps, the front muscles of the arms, must be trained to balance work and obtain toned and harmonious arms.

The best tools for arm workouts in the gym

If you train in the gym, you are spoiled for choice …

  • Lat machine
  • Chest press
  • Cables that you can use in many ways.

Naturally, let the instructor follow you, who will be able to advise you on the loads and repetitions appropriate to your body size.

6 effective arm workouts for toned arms

Have you decided to solve the problem definitely? Find out how to remedy this imperfection with the best arm workouts for toned arms to practice every day.

Arm workouts combined with a healthy diet, is of great help, because by toning them with targeted exercises your arms will appear more tapered and compact.

Tips before you start: all the exercises can be done with weights or half-liter water bottles.

The advantage of the bottles is that you can adjust the weight and then start with the half-full bottle and, when you notice progress, fill it all!

Do not forget the importance of breathing: exhale when you make the effort bringing the belly inward.

The important thing, when you train, is regularity, so set up a training program and commit to respecting it!

Practice the arm workouts for at least 5 days a week, in the morning or evening when you come back from work and all summer!

1 – The Triceps

Starting position: standing, legs slightly open to the width of the pelvis and slightly bent, belly inward and back straight.

Take a 1-2kg weight in your right hand, bring your arm up (close to your ear) and fold it, bringing your weight to your shoulder level.

The elbow must remain pointed upwards. Extend your arm without moving your elbow and fold it again.

When you come down, be careful not to drop your arm.

Repeat: Do 4 sets of 20 repetitions with one arm and then repeat the exercise with the other.

2 – Weightless

Starting position: sitting on the edge of the chair, rest your hands on the edges, feet on the ground.

Push on your arms and bring your body forward with your buttocks suspended in the air.

Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and come down with your buttocks almost to the ground, then go up by pushing on your arms.

The more you carry your feet and buttocks forward, the more difficult the exercise, the closer your feet are to the chair, the less difficulty.

Repeat: Make 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

After a few weeks, can you safely carry out this exercise? You are ready to increase the series and try the variant with stretched legs.

3 – The Biceps

Starting position: standing, arms along the body, back straight and belly inward.

Bring your hand towards your shoulder by bending your elbow and without moving your arm away from your body.

Don’t help yourself with the back: only the biceps have to work!

You can do the exercise with the 2 arms together or first with one arm and then with the other.

Repeat: Make 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

4 – Lawnmower operation

Starting position: legs parallel, rest the right leg on the tip and bend it slightly.

Lower your chest and lean against a chair with your left hand, keeping your back straight.

Take a weight with your right hand and bring it close to your left hand resting on the chair.

Perform a rotation of the trunk outwards, bringing the right arm bent backwards without the shoulders moving.

The exercise is similar to the starting movement of the lawnmower. Return to the starting position.

Repeat: Make 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

5 – The rotation of the wrists

Starting position: take the 2 weights or bottles.

Sit on a chair or, even better, on a stool leaning against the wall.

Try to lean your back against the wall and stretch as long as you can. Be careful not to bend your shoulders.

Raise your arms forward with your weight in each hand.

Hold the position and turn the wrists outward and then inward.

You have to feel the muscles working and you never have to lower your arms and shoulders.

Repeat: Make 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

6 – Stretch the muscles of the arms

Starting position: sit on the ground, legs crossed and back straight.

The left arm is stretched, take it behind your back.

Raise your right arm and bring it as far back as you can. Be careful not to arch your back, belly in, concentrate on your abdominal belt.

Bend your elbows and try to make your right hand touch with your left.

Even if the 2 hands do not touch, hold the position for 20 seconds the first week and 30 seconds the following weeks.

Repeat: The same exercise by reversing the position of the arms.

Perform the exercises at least 4 days a week, in the morning or evening and throughout the summer.

7 – The exercise of the boxer

Starting position: standing, legs open to the width of the pelvis with the knees slightly bent.

Grab 2 weights or 2 half-liter bottles and fold your arms so your fists are between your ribs and your waist.

Push your right arm forward as far as possible from your body, as if you wanted to punch.

Attention to keep the shoulders low: the movement must start from the arm and not from the shoulder. Return to the initial position. Repeat the movement with your left arm.

Perform the exercise at a steady pace for 40 seconds alternating your arms, exhaling when you throw them forward.

Repeat: Make 3 sets of 40 seconds.

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