10 Important and Simple Exercise to Live a Healthy Life

10 Important and Simple Exercise to Live a Healthy Life

Regular physical exercise is one of the most important things we can do to conserve or improve our health. It helps us control weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, avoid type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, strengthens our bones and muscles, improves our emotions and gives us well-being. In this article, we have 10 important and simple exercises to live a healthy life.

Exercise increases our life expectancy. But how do I increase my physical activity if I do not consider myself an active person?

Here are many recommendations for you to start a physical activity that will help you achieve the body you deserve.

They are given below:

  1. Walking
  2. You can exercise at home
  3. In the street
  4. In the office
  5. Sport
  6. The dance
  7. Holidays
  8. Motivation
  9. Start small
  10. Proper footwear and clothing

1. Walking

Walking is the easiest way to start improving our activity, it does not cost money, and it is safe and easy. Walking works; for each hour of walking, we extend our life for two hours. Walking for 30 minutes gives us heart health benefits, and is the most effective way to exercise it. If we can find a beautiful place to walk in the presence of vegetation we will not only be exercising our body but we will be connecting with nature and generating emotional well-being. We can walk for 3 periods of 10 minutes, distributed throughout the day, walk the dog or on a hike after lunch or dinner. An excellent investment is to buy a pedometer, a device that measures every step we take. We must give 10,000 steps a day to be healthy

and in general, we walk only 1,000. A pedometer is an excellent way to measure our physical activity and achieve measurable and tangible goals.

2. You can exercise at home:

The children will see your example and will be forming a good habit. You can combine your daily activities with physical activity. At home, you can do cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, gardening. When talking on the phone you can do it standing up, and if you have exercise devices like fixed bikes you can exercise while watching TV.

3. In the street:

You can go to nearby stores and places by walking or using the bicycle instead of the car. If you go by car, parking it away from the entrance is a good way to increase physical activity. We can walk one or two extra laps at the supermarket or other stores. If you go by public transport, you can make the stop a few blocks before getting off to walk more.

4. In the office:

If our work is in an office it may be that our physical activity is very low. We can conduct discussion walks on work issues; we can go personally with people from other areas instead of calling them on the phone, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Many companies have sports equipment; if they are available these options are available.

5. Sport:

Performing physical activity with the extra to recreate is excellent. Sports bring us extra benefits because they make us concentrate on the game and the fun as well as activate us. They also train us at an emotional level because many sports involve working as a team, practicing goals and goals, concentration and skill in situations of gain and loss. Belonging to a team increases our sense of belonging, makes us socialize and find people who drive us to continue with their example, accompaniment and motivation.

The dance
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6. The dance:

Dance is a very pleasant way to exercise because it is expressive and involves music. Music brings us to the movement and to enjoy our physical activity session much more. We can dance at home while doing cleaning work or you can go dancing to groups of tango, danzon, salsa, Zumba, ballet, hip-hop and other types of dance.

7. Holidays:

You can plan vacations or weekend trips that include physical activity such as visits to lakes to paddle, climb hills, walk-in relatively close villages, walk in the historic center, go cycling, and go swimming.

8. Motivation:

To exercise we must do it in a way that we like, that we enjoy it, not that it is torture for us. For that, we must also adjust it to our fitness level. If we have a family member or friend who wants to exercise with us we will feel more driven. We can also motivate ourselves by buying a good pair of sneakers or some pants that motivate us to exercise, although it is not necessary at all. Music always generates movement because it is full of rhythm and marks the time for an activity in a very dynamic way.

9. Start small:

We should start by asking ourselves: Do I enjoy exercising alone or with a group? Is it more motivating to have a coach? Can I pay for classes or for the moment should I choose activities that do not involve expenses? Do I prefer outdoor activities? Is there any nearby place that is safe and with green areas to exercise? What days and at what time could I commit to scheduling my physical activity?

Since you have decided the place, type and amount of exercise, you should start with short sessions of 10 or 15 minutes and gradually increase the activity until you improve your physical condition.

10. Proper footwear and clothing:

Warm up with gentle and repetitive movements and always stretch to improve your flexibility, including movements that make you sweat (cardiovascular or aerobic) and also some strength like squats, abs, and lizards, lifting of legs and arms, even using light weights or leagues to strengthen muscles. This way your exercise will be complete and you will see good results in less than 4 weeks, which will keep you more adherent and motivated to the exercise program that should be for life.


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