Prevent cancer disease with 10 easy strategies

How to prevent cancer disease with 10 easy strategies

Cancer is one of the diseases that is currently occurring more frequently, and this is cause for concern from the scientific world and the entire community in general. In this sense, the following questions arise: Is there any way to prevent its appearance? Does nutrition play a fundamental role in preventing it? For this, we give you 10 easy strategies to prevent cancer disease.

Strategies to prevent cancer disease are given here:

  • Check the scale
  • Avoid calories
  • Fruit and the vegetable
  • Reduce the consumption of meats
  • Drink alcohol, but with measure
  • Set aside the salt shaker
  • Take vitamin supplements
  • Choose to breastfeed
  • Move all cells
  • Observe special cases

1. Check the scale to prevent cancer disease

You have to stay within the healthy weight according to the body mass index (BMI). But the distribution of fat should also be correct, for which you have to measure the waist: in women, it should be less than 88 cm and for men below 102cm.

Why? There is evidence that excess fat increases the risk of some types of cancer such as esophagus, pancreas, kidney or womb. The concentration of fats causes a hormonal alteration that can damage the cells.


Moderate the portions of your dishes and do not forget to do some exercise.

Eat 5 times a day to distribute the amounts and not go hungry.

2. Avoid calories without content to prevent cancer disease

If a serving of 100 grams of food contributes between 225-275 kcal and more, it is considered caloric. And do not forget that the drink also counts.

Why? The calories contribute energy to the organism so that it performs all its functions, but if we give it more than the account it accumulates them as “reserve”, in the form of fat.

To be good you have to consume between 2,000 and 2,500 kcal daily. Soft drinks and prepared food give you empty calories, which the body does not use as nutrients.


  • Take natural fruit juices. If they are packaged, they contain more sugars; do not take more than one a day
  • Avoid fried or battered and, if you prepare, use olive oil.
  • Nothing happens if you consume something more calorically in a timely manner.  Avoid calories without content to prevent cancer disease

3. Fruit and the vegetable to prevent cancer disease

And we refer to the fruit and the vegetable of which it is recommended to take 5 servings a day. Whole grains are also allies of health.

Why? It is known that these foods contain a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that protect against certain types of cancer. Fiber improves intestinal transit and seems to be an important factor in the prevention of colon cancer.


Opt for rice and pasta in its full version. Try them and you will see how their flavor tastes like the whole family.

Two-thirds of the dish should be vegetable (salad or vegetable).

Eat boiled potatoes with skin so as not to lose nutrients.

4. Reduce the consumption of meats to prevent cancer disease

They are in this group the veal, the lamb and the pork as well as the sausages.

Why? They can damage the wall of the large intestine. The big consumers of meat usually take less vegetable with what their protection before the possible carcinogenic substances can descend.


  • Do not exceed 500g of meat per week
  • Better choose white meatsReduce the consumption of meats to prevent cancer disease

5. Drink alcohol, but with measure to prevent cancer disease

The protective effects of moderate consumption of some beverages such as wine have been demonstrated. But you have to limit alcohol to 2 servings per day for men and 1 for women as a maximum.


Why? Alcohol is harmful to the body and taken without measure affects the functioning of cells. It can directly damage the DNA of cells. The habit of smoking is even more harmful.


Try to drink alone on the weekend. A serving is 10-15 g of alcohol (a glass of wine or half a pint of beer).

6. Set aside the salt shaker to prevent cancer disease

Apart from controlling the salt that you add to your dishes, you should also monitor the foods that are naturally available.

Why? Salt raises blood pressure and irritates the gastric mucosa. It could be related to stomach cancer. Its high consumption is also associated with cardiac problems


  • Use aromatic herbs and other spices for a season.
  • It is advised not to exceed a spoonful of coffee of salt a day (6 grams).
  • Be careful with salt “go visible” present in all kinds of products, including sweets like cookies.Set aside the salt shaker to prevent cancer disease

7. Take vitamin supplements under medical supervision to prevent cancer disease

You do not have to use them without a doctor. Recommend it for just cause.

Why? With a healthy and normal diet, we already obtain all the necessary nutrients. An excess of certain vitamins or some minerals can cause an imbalance in the body. These supplements are only used to correct deficiencies.


  • Drinking fruit every day brings you many of the basic vitamins.
  • The same applies to dairy products, vegetables or legumes.
  • If you use these products several times a day, you will not miss anything.

8. Choose breastfeeding to prevent cancer disease

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months.

Why? Studies show that there is evidence that breastfeeding protects the mother from breast cancer. It also helps to avoid overweight in children, which prevents them from future obesity.


  • Putting the child’s chest at birth can define a correct breastfeeding.
  • There are no children who do not breast or breast without milk, get advice before resigning.

9. Move all cells to prevent cancer disease

Maintaining an active physical life prevents obesity and the diseases that can be derived from it.

Why? Physical activity strengthens the defenses and keeps the immune system more active.

Exercise decreases estrogen in the blood and this helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially in postmenopausal women. In the same way, it has also been shown effective in the prevention of endometrial cancer.


Only by walking briskly 30 minutes every day you activate.Move all cells to prevent cancer disease

10. Observe special cases to prevent cancer disease

If you have a family history it does not mean that you are going to get sick, but paying attention to your diet is even more vital.

Why? You must give your body what it needs without having to give up anything that you want. We must also control the quantities because the excesses are not good.


  • Fill the refrigerator and the pantry with especially healthy products.
  • Use raw olive oil to dress salads or stews; do not abuse, just three tablespoons a day


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