Natural Remedies for Leg Pain

Natural Remedies for Leg Pain

Leg Pain may have different origins and occur at both muscle and joint levels; however, there are very effective natural remedies for leg pain.

It is common among the elderly and those who suffer from poor blood circulation, who feel the famous sensation of heaviness in the legs and immediately relate to a simple tiredness; however the problem may be another and must be treated, is directly related to blood pressure.

As well as for physical reasons, leg pains are inevitable, as is the case of people who remain long hours standing by their jobs and this would be the most characteristic problem at any age.

So, there are some natural treatments for leg pain.

Mustard Oil and Camphor:

The combination of mustard oil with camphor is a home remedy to treat leg pain, through daily massage with the preparation, which is made by mixing 15 grams of camphor and 250 ml of mustard oil, the preparation should be stored in a glass jar, to let it macerate a week beating daily.

Use as a lotion for massage, which should always be upward.

Coconut for tired legs:

Coconut oil is an excellent soothing agent widely used in natural medicine as a home remedy for treating leg pain or knee inflammation.

Coconut oil should be applied lukewarm to massage the legs every night in mild cases and three times a day if the condition is complex.

Coconut oil
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Nuts against leg pain:

In Chinese medicine nuts eaten fasting are very effective for treating leg pain, their fatty acids  promote blood circulation and this is often caused by leg pain in many cases. As a treatment, 3 nuts should be eaten fasting for two weeks to evaluate results.

Ginkgo Biloba as a treatment for the legs:

The leaves of the Ginkgo tree or otherwise known as “tree of life”, is an excellent natural resource to treat circulatory problems, at all levels. This medicinal herb should be consumed as a tea by infusion three times a day or as a tincture 20 drops twice a day. As always we recommend the medicinal herbs must be approved by a professional, taking care of the individual conditions.


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