Greenstick fracture

Greenstick fracture: how to treat it?

Greenstick fracture is an injury suffered by many children who are still growing. It is a fracture or incomplete break of a long bone. Due to its own characteristics and the immaturity of the bones, a fracture of one side (periosteum) occurs and with these different disorders derived from it can occur.

There is also the risk that it will get worse. That is why, from Seguros Catalana Occidente, we want to give you a series of tips for the well-being of your family.

How to prevent it?

As parents, we already know that it is very difficult to prevent our sons or daughters from falling and running the risk of suffering some kind of trauma. And the smaller, the more risk of it. Even so, it is always important to be careful to prevent them as much as possible.

We are not talking about overprotection, but about a minimum of vigilance in situations that can be extremely dangerous for your children. For example, especially in children under 3-4 years of age, we must prevent them from playing in places where there are too many obstacles or in parks that do not have swings and other games that do not correspond to the child’s own age. Be especially vigilant in high places where they can fall.

It will also be important, that within the home and in the purely family environment, security measures are taken regarding access to windows, doors, or stairs

Greenstick fracture treatment

Make sure the orthopedic surgeon who will be treating you is a greenstick fracture specialist. The doctor will assess if it is a displaced greenstick fracture, if the ends of the bones have been out of contact, or not displaced, which is when the ends of the bone are well aligned. The most serious of these is the first, since it may require surgical intervention.

However, the most common is that greenstick fracture is one that simply needs immobilization through a cast or splint. This is so since a child’s bone is developing and is capable of regenerating on its own as long as there is no severe bone displacement.

In any case, children, children, are and should play, jump, run, and ultimately develop normally. As in Seguros Catalana Occidente we know that the health of yours comes first, a wide medical chart, specific children’s health programs, and fast, quality care without extra expenses, are just some benefits of our health insurance.

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