7 Simple tricks to relieve muscle tension

7 Simple tricks to relieve muscle tension

Many people suffer from muscle tension. In fact, although this tension is not frequent, it can attack us at any time. A poor posture or even a period of stress may be enough to trigger an episode of muscle tension that will reduce mobility and cause pain.

In this article, we will show you the 7 natural muscle relaxants that you can use to relieve muscle tension and end the pain it causes.

What causes muscle tension?

Muscle tension can be described as tension, hardness or inflammation of the affected area. The muscles of that area seize for some reason, making movement difficult and causing pain that can be from annoying to unbearable, depending on the severity of the muscle contracture. That is why it is important to treat it in time and try to follow the recommendations that we will tell you later.

Regarding the causes of muscle tension, they can be very diverse. The most common are:

  • Overexertion or sudden effort
  • Bad posture to sleep.
  • An injury in the area.
  • The compression of the nerve.
  • Worn joints
  • Stress or anxiety

7 Recommendations to Relieve Muscle Strain

Before seeing the most effective remedies to eliminate muscle tension, it will be important to follow a series of recommendations that will not only help you to alleviate it, but also to prevent it from becoming worse.

  1. Massage the affected area: A good massage can relieve muscle contracture. In fact, some of the remedies that we will show you below are applied by giving a massage in the area. If the contracture is severe, it can also relieve you a lot that the massage is given to you by a specialist, that is to say, a professional physiotherapist or chiropractor.
  2. Do not force the affected muscle: If you notice muscle tension in some area, the worst thing you can do is force it and continue with the movement that is causing the pain. Stop, relax and use remedies to treat it, if you do not want it to get worse and be much worse.

    Reduces stress
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  3. Stretch: Stretching the affected area will help it warm up, to move better and relieve contracture. Also, if you are prone to have muscle contractures in certain areas, when you are going to exercise or force them, always try to heat the area before with some stretching. Always remember that before and after exercising, it is important to stretch the muscles that have contributed in that exercise, to avoid contractures and injuries.
  4. Reduces stress: The tension that causes a period of stress can produce a muscle contracture. Try to relax, take things more calmly, and practice relaxing exercises such as yoga or meditation.
  5. Rest correctly: Sleeping little, badly, or in a bad posture, can cause muscular pain when we get up. If we make sure to sleep properly, the next morning we will find ourselves much better.
  6. Moisturize your body well: Keeping our body well hydrated will also help muscles work better and, as a result, will not contract. Remember that it is advisable to drink between 1.5 – 2 liters of water daily to maintain a good level of hydration.
  7. Avoid synthetic muscle relaxants: There are many medications that can relieve your muscle pain. However, they have a lot of side effects, and can even cause addiction. That’s why we recommend you use natural remedies to combat your muscle tension.



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